7 Must-Knows in the Newest Hostel in Cebu City

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        We decided that apart from doing listicles on places that we have been, we will also do listicles or reviews on hotels or hostels that we have stayed. Lately, we did listicles on Novotel, Heritage Hotel, Zenroom, Magnolia Summit Hotel, Privato Hotel, Meranti Hotel, and Bohol Bee Farm Hotel. Now, let us share to you some info on the newest hostel in Cebu City. Here are our 7 Must-Knows in Pungko-Pungko Hostel!

1.) Originally a House

       A middle class Filipino-Chinese family once lived in this hostel. With the increasing demand of bed spaces for the booming tourism industry of Cebu, they recently  decided to convert the place into a ‘hostel’. Thus, a hostel which makes you feel at home!


2.) Fan Room Bed Space for only 270php

          For only 270 php (6 dollars), you will have the privilege of enjoying a comfy bed. If you want to rent the whole fan room which has three beds, you will only have to pay 800 php (16 US dollars).


3.) Aircon Room Bed Space for only 430php

          They also have 15 beds for backpackers who prefer to stay in an air conditioned room. This room is one of their best offers– 4 elegant bathrooms were newly constructed inside; a brand new AC machine newly installed; and a steel locker to make your belongings safe.


4.) Roman Catholic Images

       The mother of the owner is a devout Roman Catholic who loves installing Roman Catholic Images in their house. The hostel maintained this ambience– making it a charm for more bountiful blessings to the hostel and its guests.

5.) Fast Internet

           They are using the most reliable internet provider in the Philippines- PLDT DSL. And since this is a new hostel with only few guests (as of the moment), you do not have many rivals for the fast internet!


6.) A meter away to the Best Pungko-Pungko Place in Cebu City

         We know nothing about ‘pungko-pungko’ until we asked our friends for a restaurant recommendation in Cebu City.  Apparently, our Chef friend and Retaurateur from Zamboanga, Glenn David Llanda Ares commented that Pungko-pungko sa Fuente is a must try when you are in Cebu. To set expectations (because ours were not set prior the visit), Pungko-pungko is not something fancy or five-star. But it is a must-try for your cultural immersion in Cebu.


7.) Owned by the Crush of the Town    

     I never saw Mr. Alex Chua, owner of the Pungko-pungko Hostel. I only had a chance talking to him while discussing our collaboration. One of his staffs said that he is the Crush of the Town. If he is the one in this photo- which I grabbed from their Facebook page, then he is cute!




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