5 Simple Things To Enjoy in Your Zenroom Staycation

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    As you may all know, we collaborated with zenrooms.com so our readers can receive up to 20% discount for over 5000 rooms in Southeast Asia and Brazil. We tried it ourselves this month by using the promo code ‘Travellingpeoples‘ in their booking engine. We booked at One Liberty Hotel because the name called for ‘Liberty’. Here are the 5 simple things we enjoyed in One Liberty Hotel.

1.) Peace 

    70% of our time were used on sleeping. We liked the ideal temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and the thick curtains which covered the sunny afternoon.



2.) Unlimited Call for Drinking Water 

     2 months ago, our staycation hotel cannot even provide a pitcher of water. In One Liberty Hotel, we loved the newbie hospitable staffs who delivered us a total of 5 pitchers of water when we had our stay.



3.) Work desk

    We normally bring our laptop and enjoy the fast internet and comfortable desk a hotel could offer. This time, we worked on our itineraries for Tuguegarao and Sta. Ana beach this upcoming June 12-17.



4.) Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita Movie

After a good sleep for 10 hours, I woke up around 3am and chanced to watch this independent film from Cinema One Originals. It is about the blossoming of a  lesbian child through her first love named Pilar.



5.) Food

Neighbouring One Liberty Hotel is a restaurant. It seems a best selling restaurant among its townsfolk because of a number of people we saw and its busy staffs taking delivery orders over the phone. We tried Oyster egg, bird’s nest, fried bangus, and longganisa de Lucban.


  1. 22 degrees..my life boss will kill me. Shes an aussie and seems like anything under 24 degrees will be artic winter to her haha.

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