6 Trivia in the Best Pungko Pungko Place in Cebu City, Philippines

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    We know nothing about ‘pungko-pungko’ until we asked our friends for a restaurant recommendation in Cebu City.  Apparently, our Chef friend and Retaurateur from Zamboanga, Glenn David Llanda Ares commented that Pungko-pungko sa Fuente is a must try when you are in Cebu. To set expectations (because ours were not set prior the visit), Pungko-pungko is not something fancy or five-star. But it is a must-try for your cultural immersion in Cebu.


     Pungko-pungko are food stalls that you find along the streets which sell varieties  of fried food. The term “pungko” is Cebuano for sit.  Hence, the name “pungko-pungko.” We collaborated with Pungko-punko sa Fuente, dubbed as the Best Punko-punko place by Sunstar.com.ph in exchange for a free interview and lunch.

     Here are the 6 Trivia that you must know about the Best Punko Punko Place in Cebu City, Philippines!


1.) Adopted the ‘Pungko-Pungkoers’ 


      When hotels along Llorente street complained about the daily mess that these food stalls leave in Llorente street (coconut leaves, plastics, rice tidbits), the City government decided to restrain the stalls’ operations. This resulted to loss of jobs of around 15 families engaged in the pungko-pungko business.

       That time, the pungko-pungkoers appealed to the Chua family who has a big garage along Llorente street if they can open their doors for these small businessmen. With the hearts and business mindset of the Chua family, PUNKoers not dead!


2.) Rice in Coconut leaves

         For only four philippine pesos, you can buy this healthy rice with aroma of coconut leaves.



3.) Varieties of Fried Food!

        They have around 12 varieties of fried food- fried sausage, fried vegetables, fried  lumpia, fried shrimp, fried pork chop, fried chicken, fried fat, fried crab, fried squid, and any fried food you can suggest to them for your next visit. The cost per viand is only around 30 philippine pesos.



4.) Eat by covered hands

      It brings back our traditional Filipino custom of eating by hands. Although this time, you have to cover it by thin plastic bag. Although you can definitely eat without the plastic bag, people who visit here are busy. They come and go. Washing hands and waiting in queue may take time.



5.) The Fried Crab is the Best

Our favourite among the fried food is their fried crabs. The also puff some diced potatoes in the shells. This is only 35 philippine pesos per crab.



6.) Owned by the Crush of the Town!

     I never saw Mr. Alex Chua, owner of the Pungko-pungko sa Fuente. I only had a chance talking to him while discussing our collaboration. One of his staffs said that he is the Crush of the Town. If he is the one in this photo- which I grabbed from their Facebook page, then probably he is really cute.



         For more details about Pungko-pungko sa Fuente, their contact numbers and address, you can visit their Facebook page on below link:




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