3 Things We Enjoyed in a Staycation this Summer

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     The Quezon City afternoon was 37 degree celsius. We crave for something cool —bed, shower, pool, customer service, people! So what to do? Google a hotel in Quezon City– and book at Meranti Hotel.

Three things we enjoyed during our stay:

1.) The Pool

The pool is located on top of the hotel, overlooking the best of Quezon City. We waited for the sunset and enjoyed selfies in the pool’s see-through wall.

  • IMG_1450
  • IMG_1538

2.) The Beds

We had three beds to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday with her sister. The beds are of premium European brand with memory foam pocketed with springs. There are also 400 thread count of Egyptian linens. These were definitely good for pillow fight!

  • IMG_1425

3.) Cool People/ Customer Service

    Too bad we never had selfies with the staffs- starting from the beautiful receptionist who could have joined Ms. Philippines or Philippines next top model with her good physique, height, face, complexion, confidence, and politeness; next to the room attendants who guided as to our rooms, carried our luggages, assisted as on good photos with our robes who definitely could have joined ABS CBN’s Star Magic. We were aghast why these model-like creatures are here. Last but not the least, we appreciate the chefs who prepared our delicious breakfast buffet. Too bad they did not go out of the kitchen. They could probably be jaw-droppers as well. Cool people, cool customer service!

  • IMG_1583.JPG


  1. I would like to visit the Philippines 🇵🇭 one day. I have a huge poster of Manila in my basement of U.S. 1st Cavalry during the liberation in WWII. I hope the U.S. and Philippines can have a close friendship again.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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