The Founder

Hi! I am Nathanael Nunag, founder of

I started this blog to share my travels to people who may have been like me– a dreamer. I never thought that I will go this far—- travelling the world. I was a struggling working student for an academic course I was uncertain if I have a future (AB/ BSE in Literature and a Masters Degree in Asia Studies). I wanted a writing career but no one accepts me as a travel journalist. My ideal lifestyle was to travel the world but I had no money but perseverance to start that dream.

When I turned 24, I reached the peak of my quarter life crisis where I just wanted to go to more places rather than be stucked in my small rural town. I prayed so hard, meditated so hard, looking for the things inside me that should be an advantage in order to become successful. I realized that I always have the passion, dedication and a gift in writing and film-making. A year after, with the small savings that I have, I paid this website domain, used my credit card to buy DSLR cameras, and started my journey to travel blogging and vlogging. It was not that as easy as I have imagined.

Currently, I am now on my 7th year as a travel blogger/vlogger. My wife normally joins me on the journey for content-making (@thenunags). Sometimes, it is my mother, siblings, cousins, or friends. I am very grateful for the hundreds of hotels, restaurants, tour companies, and airlines who have given me a chance to blog/vlog about their business. I am very grateful for the friends, relatives, subscribers or even random searchers on the net who gave me a chance to show them my perspective about the world.

I now have visited at least 16 countries and looking forward to explore the other 179 countries of the world. Come and travel with me!