4 Reasons Why You Should Do Staycations before the Semester Ends

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1.) It is still summer, you have to enjoy the pool!

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     For some students (like from Ateneo, La Salle, and UP), their 1st semester ends around last week of May or sometimes first week of June. That is almost near the rainy season. Sometimes, they do not have time to go out for a vacation. Finishing the school’s or professors’ requirements sometimes consume even their weekends. But summer only happens once a year. We must enjoy summer! Least way to enjoy it? Be in a new pool. If you cannot go out of the city, at least you can try some good pools in hotels near you.

2.) No one will nag you on your stress-eating habits

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      I know, I experience the same. There are a lot of paperworks in this semester. You are so stressed and best solution is– to eat! But your mom keeps nagging you that too much is not good for your health. Escape from all the nagging that cause you additional stress. You can definitely eat-all-you-can in a hotels’ breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet. You can try some new dishes well-prepared by certified chefs. Fill your stomach before going back to that study table!

3.) Write your term papers in a more comfortable way

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    Some students do their works in coffee shops, in the comfort of their own homes, in libraries, in CR, everywhere! Why not try doing your term papers on a staycation? You can lie in a more comfortable bed, no one will disturb you, no loud music from neighbours, no loud chitchats from random peoples, a different environment and a great view of the city from your window. You will be more focused to finish that 6000 words requirement.

4.) Enjoy a different view

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    To be more inspired to write, read, or think, you would need an ambience different  from your dorm, house, or school. This is very helpful for me. It can detoxify you and can make you more efficient in finishing your school requirements. And indeed, most hotels in the city give you wonderful night time/day time view of the city!


  1. It’s fun to read this right when my husband and I are enjoying the first day of our time in a quiet apartment in Mexico so that both of us can get serious writing done for our individual books while not being distracted by home and office demands! I think your post is inspiring and hope that others can find ways to do such helpful things. 🙂
    Warm regards,

  2. I love your staycation idea. I live in Orange County, California, which is loaded with tons of beaches, hotels, and fun shops to visit. Next week my best friend and i are taking a mini trip to Los Angeles to shop, eat, and visit the beach. Later this summer, i am driving to Santa Barbara with my boyfriend to take a little Central California staycation. Being in a new environment, no matter how close to home, is a good way to break up boring routines and can be quite inspiring as you mentioned!

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