10 Items We Love in 87 Guesthouse, Gibraltar Road, Baguio City, Philippines

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Amethyst, Beryl, Chrysolite, Emerald, Farnet, or Gold? We tried Farnet.

     On our first day in Baguio’s cool climate, we decided to check-in an apartment at the 87 Guesthouse, Gibraltar Road which my friend recommended for their ‘simple elegance and accommodating service’. I will be the sole person shouldering the accommodation expenses of my big family, thus favoured an apartment with a hotel-like feel rather than stay in a real hotel.

      A hotel will cost me around 12,000 philippine pesos (225 US dollars) per day for the five of us while this apartment with a hotel-like feel will only cost me around 6,000-9,000 philippine pesos (115-170 US dollars) per day.  I can even invite 5 more of my friends or relatives, as this apartment named Farnet can accommodate up to 10 people. The apartment is very spacious and reaches up to third floor with three bedrooms. It is a family property and you can directly transact with the owner who just live nearby (cell +63919 998 9108)

       Here are the 10 Things We Love About Farnet at 87 Guesthouse, Gibraltar Road, Baguio City, Philippines!

1.) Large Windows with View of Pine Trees


On a lazy morning of your Baguio staycation, you can still find inspiration thru the apartment’s large windows. A view outside will remind you that you are in the Pine Tree Capital of the Philippines.

2.) Nice Veranda with View of Colourful Houses


You may do your sketches in this area, sip coffee or tea, or enjoy the bench with your special someone.

3.) Starry-starry night 


      It was cloudy when we were there BUT the caretaker relayed that the view of a starry night is also superb. Anyways, we still loved the mosaic of houses at night. It seems like an additional painting in that apartment which holds a lot of nice paintings on its white walls.

4.) Second Floor Family Bedroom

  • IMG_1159

       The five of us already fit in one room, and there is still space I guess for my future kids.

5.) Chic Circular Kitchen Table 

  • IMG_8670

       Cooking and eating utensils are also provided in this apartment. Although we did not cook as we were a bunch of Millennials and GenZ who wanted to starve, we thought that this area is also good for a Cooking Vlog!

6.) Nice Furnitures

  • IMG_1161.jpg

       I was shy asking the owner but it seems that the furnitures are expensive. I wonder if these are even made by well-known artists.

7.) Rooms on the 3rd floor

      There are still huge spaces on the third floor. We should have really brought a bigger family from Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines!

8.) Cozy vibe for Family Bonding


      So, yeah, we did our family bonding. Had some selfies so our friends will think that we have this simple elegant and beautiful sala!

9.) Inspirational Reminders


I really love this reminder…Don’t flush your dreams down the toilet!

10.) Parking lot 


     If you are travelling to Baguio with a car, you can stay in this apartment with free parking space. And, you can also save for gas as this apartment is just walking distance to some of Baguio’s tourist spots– Mines View and The Good Shepherd!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am very particular when it comes to the cleanliness of a place. We might try this when we will go visit Baguio again.

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