9 Other Things To Do in Baguio City, Philippines

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    Our 2019 story of Baguio is full of rains. Not because it is sad but because technically it is always raining while we were there. But I guess the rain helped us rediscover  Baguio… even ourselves (I’ll tell you later why).

        Here are the 9 Other Things To Do in Baguio City!

1.) Night Market’s Street Food 

     I actually didn’t like street food. They say it is dirty. But we heard Baguio’s Night Market’s street food will just make you more hungry. We tried the Korean food stall, and then another stall for their best seller crunchy sisig.


2.) Staycation in 87 Guesthouse 

To know more of our story in this guesthouse, you may visit this link: https://travellingpeoples.com/2019/06/12/5070/



3.) Mines View pictorial with St. Bernard 

Wear your Igorot costumes while doing a selfie with St. Bernard!



4.) Prenuptial Photo shoot? 



5.) Good Shepherd

       Buy some goodies from The Good Shepherd. Run by nuns and their scholars. I bought snow balls, oatmeal and caramel cookies.



6.) Sinner or Saint Cafe

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7.) Of Course, The Mansion

The Summer Residence of the President of the Philippines!



8.) Staycation in Ridgewood Hotel

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9.) Try Cafe by The Ruins

To know more of our story in this cafe, you may visit this link: https://travellingpeoples.com/2019/06/20/top-13-menu-in-cafe-by-the-ruins-baguio-city-philippines/







    1. Thank you Maris! Are you living in london? I will be there on 2nd week of August. Let’s meet!

      1. The similarity of world textiles fascinates me. Either weaving lends itself to certain patterns or we humans are more closely related than we know.

      2. And you will love Mexico and Guatemala. The food is delicious and people provide wonderful hospitality. Hope you can visit them soon. 🙂

      3. I would love too.. maybe after this travel restriction.. I will let you know.. Do you have a blog about your visit? I would love to read 😇

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