8 Things We Love About Our Staycation in Marand Beach Resort, Bauang, La Union, Philippines

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       Before the school vacation ended, I brought my little siblings together with my girlfriend for a wanderlust adventure in Northern Luzon where we visited Bauang, La Union and Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines. This had been the farthest travel my siblings had gone so far— and I am the proudest as it is their Big Brother who brought them to this wanderlust. Our first night started with Marand Beach Resort which is one of the newest hotels here in La Union. I thought of bringing them to its more famous neighboring town, San Juan — but decided that it is much better here in Bauang. I think San Juan is overrated despite of its crowded beach and scary waves. Bauang beach is calmer and less crowded. Plus, we get to experience this new resort in town! Here are the 8 Things We Loved on Our Staycation in Marand Beach Resort, Bauang, La Union, Philippines!

1.) Princely Treatment

     Everyone wanted to be treated nicely. I am very much in love with the high level of luxury that Marand Beach Resort offered. The staffs are very well mannered and polite. You will also enjoy the interiors made of elegant furniture fit for an Asian Royal. I wonder what would be the experience for their spa offers (e.g. massage). I should have tried that as well. Their prince will definitely come back.



2.) Serene Beach Area

      You can stare at the sea and think about life with this supportive furniture they set up near the beach. You will not hear much noise except the light waves and some reggae music of a nearby restaurant. The vast beach prefers to accommodate only up to 26 families as Marand Beach Resort purposely built only 26 luxurious rooms. The small number of room offers will make sure that there is serenity in the beach resort. Wait until sunset, and you will have one of the beautiful sunsets in your life!



3.) Thai Food Choices

     I got curious and asked one of their staffs why they have a Thai menu. Is the owner Thai? Not really. She said, when they did their market research, there is no Thai restaurant yet in Bauang nor in its nearby towns. And I agree. Why anyone hasn’t put up yet one of the delicious food in the world. Or should I say the universe rather? On interviews with the reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray, she said Thai food is her favorite!



4.) Stylish Hammock

      Under the shades of their well-crafted gardens, you can stay on one of their stylish hammocks. I think they have two of these. It can carry up to two people so you can definitely either play with your wife, fiancée, sibling, kid or just read a very good novel. The hammock is pretty comfy which I think reflects the homey vibe of the place and the hospitality of their staffs.



5.) Open-air bathroom

      I think one of the best assets in their hotel is their spacious open-air bathrooms. So if you don’t feel coming out of your hotel room, you can stay in the bathroom and enjoy the perfectly landscaped indoor gardens or take a shower and be inspired to the beautiful grape drapes above your head.



6.) Garden with a Wedding vibe

      Their beautiful garden and exciting beach front provide a lovely setting for your upcoming wedding, honeymoon, or romantic getaway. The gardener said there were  weddings held in this garden. Then, I got curious again. I asked why the beach resort is called Marand. He said it was named after the couple who own this beach resort. Marand is for Mary June and Andy. I now therefore conclude why this garden and beach front is so romantic. (Do not focus on our stares in below picture. Close it up to the other couple in the background who are taking their 30th anniversary selfie.)



7.) Premium and De Luxe rooms

      We booked one Premium King Room for me and my fiancée and Deluxe Double Room for my siblings. All rooms are modern, spacious, artistically designed with comfortable furniture. It creates a tranquil atmosphere that provides a pleasant vacation and serenity needed to complete pending business tasks that take up a great amount of time. All rooms are fully air-conditioned, with very nice ergonomic beds, TV with cable television, hot and cold shower with closet, personal refrigerator, complementary buffet breakfast good for 2. The bathrooms are embellished with garden landscape with grape drapes, bathtub and shower, heated towel rail, and inclusive complementary toiletries.



8.) Three-Layered Pool

     One of the very nice pool I dipped in the Philippines. It has a very attractive view which is good for your social media uploads like the feature photo I used in this blog. Safety of the kids are also ensured as they can swim at the lower most layer of the pool. Not only that, when lighted at night, the view of the 3 layered pool is inspirational.




       It is only the first day of our wanderlust but we are already full of happy memories. If you want to have a similarly high level of luxury in ideal beach front settings , which I definitely pitch that YOU MUST, you can visit their official website in this link: https://www.marandresort.ph/bauang-beach

   Now, we are off to Baguio City, one of the coolest places in the Philippines. After the tropical vibe in Marand Beach Resort, time to experience the cool weather in Baguio! What interesting is, we just have to wait for a bus going to Baguio City nearby Marand Beach Resort. Bus Travel Time would be around 1 hour and 30 minutes.




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