7 Favourite Spots in Houli Flower Market

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   Who loves flowers? A boy like me loves flowers too. And my girlfriend understands.

       One of the highlights in our Taichung, Taiwan Trip was the Houli Flower Market. In order to get there, you just have to take a train and get off to Houli station. From Houli station, there will be youngsters offering bikes-for-rent to get to the Houli Flower Market. Taking a bike is so cool but takes you around 30 minutes to one hour.   You may take the taxi if you want to be there in 5 minutes. The taxi fare costs around 8 US dollars.

       If you are a solo traveller and practical, you may ask other tourists similarly going there to share the cost with you. Their taxi can accommodate around 6 people.

        Here are the 7 spots we love in Houli Flower Market:

1.) The Netherlands area 


2.) The Sunflower area


3.) The Lavender Fields


4.) The Red Flowers field


5.) The Lotus Pond


6.) The Roof of Flowers 


7.) The Purple Rose Nursery



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