5 Random Memories of Boracay Island, Philippines

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    Boracay is one of the world’s top destinations for beach night life parties apart from being most known for its white sand and luxury hotels. This summer, our supposed comeback vacation to the Island was cancelled due to its closure for environmental rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the Island has a mountain of garbage problems and almost all of its forest lands are already occupied by concrete infrastructures.

    Apart from famous names attached to this Island, we have five random memories which we would love to revisit in Boracay.

1.) Environmental Fee 

It is disappointing that after collecting environmental fees to million visitors of Boracay per year, the local government failed to maintain the beauty and virginity of this Island.



2.) Sexy Photos

     We were very young when we went there. We have sexy bodies which we confidently flaunted on pictures. Five years after that Boracay trip, we now have eating disorder and bulging belly problems which we try to resolve by going to the gym.



3.) Jump shot

We would love to reminisce the simplest immaturity of Jumpshots. I hope Liezel is not yet pregnant by the time Boracay re-opens to tourists.



4.) Sweets in Boracay’s cafes

The perks of being very young is you can eat a lot of sweets and yet you are still thin. We are now currently curbing our addiction of sweets now being in the mid-20s age bracket.



5.) Crazy Decisions 

     The background was shot in one of the luxurious hotels which offered free lunch buffets. In return, you just have to talk to one of their sales representatives. We declined buying their membership offer by saying to the Manager ‘Ang mahal po (It is expensive)’. The manager replied by saying ‘It is not expensive. You just don’t have money’. We were very humiliated thus bought one of their economy class package.



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