Top 10 Menu in Sinner or Saint Cafe, Baguio City, Philippines

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‘You are once a sinner but by the grace of God you become a Saint’ 

(Note: On our first day in Baguio City, we researched on creative cafes we could visit, as blogs say there are a lot! Top on our list is Sinner or Saint Café.)

    The cafe’s name is based on the food they are offering—‘Sinner’ for the guilty pleasure and ‘Saint’ for the guilt free food. For example, they offer cakes or ice cream with whip creams and yet also offer foods made of organic vegetables or gluten-free pasta. On the menu, sinner or saint, they also make sure that they incorporate the Cordilleran Culture of Benguet. The café seems to have evolved more beautifully versus latest blogs we currently read online. The setting has become more colorful, sophisticated and Korean-drama-like while the food choices have grown to almost 10 pages with new creative inventions, incorporating the Cordilleran culture and taste.

     Here are the Top 10 Menu we loved in Sinner or Saint Cafe, Baguio City, Philippines!

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  1. Red Sauce Pasta

       This is our most favorite. It has a combination of herbs and vegetables topped with meatballs and mozzarella cheese. It has this beautifully distinctive taste from all other red sauce pastas. The sauce came from real tomatoes and the pasta is gluten-free.


2.) Roasted Pork Marinated With Lingbeng

     We wish we brought our dog pet in Baguio so he can feast upon the left over tasty boner of the Roasted Pork. What made this meal delicious is the overnight marinate of pork with their local rice wine called ‘Lingbeng’ and other spices. It is served with pickled carrots and cucumber and a shot of lingbeng (which has to be drank after this meal)


3.) Kinuday Sisig

      This is their sizzling sisig with Cordilleran way of cooking. Instead of a normally grilled chopped meat, they smoke the meat and chop it to tidbits. Thus the word Kinuday (Smoked).

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4.) Benguet Style Shawarma

      It is Benguet Style because instead of stuffed grilled meat, they stuff the whole wheat pita bread with pork kinuday (smoked meat). You can never find a shawarma in Middle-east stuffed with pork. Adding to its distinctive taste are the bacon sliced meat pork, special sauce and mix vegetables.


5.) White Sauce Pasta

   The White Sauce Pasta is as good-creamy as what you would expect on white sauce pastas. But what made this delicious food very distinctive is the use of chickens and shitake mushrooms all grown in the mountains of Benguet.


6.) Strawberry Cake

      As strawberry is one of the staple crops of their province, they made sure that strawberry cakes are on their menu. They made sure that this is the yummiest strawberry cake you can taste in your entire life.


7.) Camote Cake

   Who would have thought that Camote can be a cake? Camote (Sweet Potato) is one of the staple crops of the Philippines. I tried my very first Camote Cake here in Sinner or Saint Café. It was very good. You cannot almost determine the texture of which is bread and which is cream.


8.) Vietnamese Arabic Coffee Drip

     Although they have Benguet Coffee, they also made sure that locals can have a taste of other best varieties of the world. They combined Vietnamese and Arabic Coffee on a drip!


9.) Hot Chocolates

     The café is not only for adults who love coffee. You can also bring your younger siblings who would definitely enjoy hot chocolates with marshmallows.


10.) Tapey Ice Cream

        It was our first time to try an ice cream with alcohol content. It is made of rice wine locally known as Tapey. A famous drink in the cordilleras made into a dessert. And I must agree, a bestseller—not only of good taste and creativity but also happiness. Cheers!



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  1. That looks great, all the places are really cosy with creative design and most likely delicious food✌wheb going to the Philippines will check your guide thanks!

  2. Nice post! I am currently living in Baguio and would love to visit this cafe. May I ask which street/road this cafe is located? 😊

    1. It is very near to the Chinese temple.. You may not notice the cafe’s signboard so you may want to ask some villagers in the area.. I hope this helps..

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