9 Things To Do while in Angela’s Resort and Leisure Farm, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

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Angela’s is a newly-opened family resort and leisure farm in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines. It is a new modern attraction that San Pablo can offer to its citizens and visitors. Here are the 9 Things that you can do while in Angela’s Resort and Leisure Farm!

1.) Plunge in their big pool

The pool can fit up to almost 1000 people if there are no social distancing protocols in place. That day though, we enjoyed the macroscale pool just for the two of us.

2.) Tour their plantations

Apart from learning about their pineapple, papaya and rambutan crops, we get into the process of understanding the importance of farmers and sustainable living.

3.) Get practical advice from the owner

While walking around the farm, we encountered Sir Allan, the owner of Angela’s Resort and Leisure Farm. We learned that the establishment is a fruit of his family’s humble beginnings and hard work. We took the opportunity of getting financial and marriage advise too!

4.) Get into Romantic Action

The use of flowers and kissing swan-shaped towels stimulate romantic sense if you are doing a staycation as a couple.

5.) Attend your friends’ wedding

Angela’s Resort and Leisure Farm is a dedication of the proprietor’s love to his wife, Angela. As a constant celebration of love, the establishment accepts bookings for wedding events in their gardens, pools or function halls.

6.) Play Basketball

The resort can lend you a ball if you want to play in their court. They have a ring for kids and adults.

7.) Order food from SUKI Restaurant

As Angela’s is still developing their own restaurant, you can order food outside without any corkage fees. You may try SUKI Restaurant.  They offer Japanese food fused with San Pablo’s culture. For instance, they have the famous Crazy Tilapia Maki. It is a Maki which incorporates the local produce of San Pablo, the tilapia. 

SUKI Restaurant is located at BienPaz Arcade San Pablo City, Laguna. They are open for Dine In | Pick Up | Delivery from 9am to 9pm daily. For Details message them or call (049)521.2169 | (0915) 882 6579.

8.) Chill out with friends

On our next visit to Angela’s, we will bring our siblings. The amenities are conducive for socializing with your friends and relatives. They have a long dining table and cozy lounge area.

9.) Bring home some of their fresh produce

We tried their pineapple. It is sweet unlike other sour pineapples we have tried in Manila. You should try their pineapples!

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Angela’s Resort and Leisure Farm. Staffs are polite and accommodating. CCTV cameras apart from a human guard are also in place for your safety. To set expectations though, please do not whine if they cannot provide yet in-house food service. You can just order through food panda or SUKI Restaurant. As it is in a provincial area too, internet signal may not be that fast. Instead, you may focus your energy bonding with your loved ones, family, or friends!

For more information, you may reach them through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AngelasResortAndLeisureFarm

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