6 Things To Do in Bay, Laguna, Philippines

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In January 1898, Mabini went to Bay, Laguna hoping that the fabled hotsprings could cure him of his paralysis. It was also in this town in the house of the Katipunero Alejandro Quidayan that Mabini stayed and wrote three important documents of the revolution: El Verdadero Dacalogo, Programa de la Revolucion, and Ordenanzas de la Revolucion.

Here are the 6 Things To Do in Bay, Laguna, Philippines:

1.) Food trip

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2.) Pray at San Agustin Hippo Church

San Agustin of Hippo Church was built by the Augustinians in 1571. Due to constant flooding, the church was transferred from its original site near Laguna Lake to its present site in 1804.

3.) Buy Plants

Bay is dubbed as The Garden Capital of Laguna

4.) Take-out their famous Monay

5.) Get your haircut

6.) Have merienda in one of the spacious Jolibee or Mcdonalds in Laguna (located here in Bay!)


    1. Thank you Judy, please visit the Philippines once the pandemic ends ❤️❤️❤️

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