7 Things I Saw in far-flung villages from the city center of Sta.Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

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     I have lived in Sta.Cruz Laguna for almost a quarter of my life. My mother’s family lineage has grown here. Upon browsing articles about Sta. Cruz, Laguna on the internet, it is a regret that there are not much information you can find. So, I am starting it by introducing you on things we discovered when my 2019 election campaign team reached far-flung villages in this Philippines’ countryside- Sta. Cruz, Laguna!

1.) Creativity of the Youth

       We seldom have concerts held by famous artists here. So, if there will be a concert, expect that it is full-packed. We still have many trees and it is amazing how the youth used their creativity. Look!



2.) California-like imagery

This was taken somewhere in Brgy. Bagumbayan around 6:30pm


3.) Alice in Wonderland

This was taken somewhere Brgy. Santisima Cruz


4.) Pigs


5.) Ducks


6.) Cats


7.) Goats




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