19 Things To Expect in Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines

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     We got into this hotel because I received 1,000php credit from gifted.ph. My company use them as a vendor for our incentive system. As we liked staycations and there are only 4 hotels to choose from, we ended up choosing the Azumi Boutique hotel voucher. Pictures on their website were produced by professionals. Photos are more beautiful than reality or what your eyes can perceive.

     Before using the Azumi Boutique Hotel voucher from gifted.ph, you have to book a reservation first to the said hotel. I did it over the phone. The reservations agent Justine informed me that they have this promo for that week for only 4800php with breakfast. That is much lower than their 5K plus published rate. Unfortunately, Justine advised me I cannot use the 1,000php gift voucher. I was still clueless why. So, we paid for the regular rate that they have, used the voucher, then only paid around 4500 cash. I was a bit disappointed because it seems this vendor that my company collaborated with is a bogus.

    I regret choosing a Hotel in Alabang especially if we are from Quezon City. You had to pay for higher Grab fare plus toll fee. On a positive note though, it is a new experience of a new city and a possible vibe of working here in the future.

Here are the 19 Things to Expect in Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines! 

1.) Nice Rooftop View

     Top of the best things we appreciate in this hotel..

  • IMG_9054

2.) Bar

  • IMG_9035

3.) Romulo Cafe

It was called Romulo Cafe because the grandfather of the owners is Carlos P. Romulo, first Filipino to become the President of the UN General Assembly.

  • IMG_9033

      Choices on their Room Service Menu: Alaminos Longganisa, Pork Belly Humba, Beef Caldereta, Lechon Kawali, Lechon Kawali Sisig, Bangus Sisig, Chicken Pork Adobo, Branshee (fresh banana, white cream de cacao & fresh milk), Cool as Cucumber (fresh lime, fresh cucumber & mint leaves), Sunshine Lemonade (fresh lemonade & strawberry syrup), Pinoy Caesar Salad, Romulo House Salad, Pomelo Salad, Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce, Penne Carbonara, Vigan Longganisa, Spicy Tuyo Pasta, Egg Salad Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Tuna Melt, Ham & Cheese, Chicken Waldorf, Classic Cheese Burger, Club Sandwich, Chori Burger, Hamburger, Trio Pandesal, Banana Banoffee, Buko Pandan w/ Ice Cream, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Dome Cake, Chocolate Overload, Chocnut Ice Cream, Leche Flan, Mango Tango, Mantecado Ice Cream, Mini Sansrival Cake, Ube Mouse Cake, Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Suman sa Latik, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Turon with Mantecado Ice Cream.

4.) Nat

    There were sculptures of lovebirds except this one. I call it Nat because it kinda resemble to my mood sometimes. An introvert who wanted to hibernate or just be too distanced from the crowd or from your grumpy girlfriend.

  • IMG_9030

5.) Outside Lobby

     Although is is comfy to stay on the outside lobby especially if it is cloudy, we were fortunate to be on early check-in as early as 12pm! Lucky!

  • IMG_9022

6.) Wifi

     Although this wifi is good for 30 days which you can use even in the outside lobby (if you know what I mean), my girlfriend said their wifi is not the fastest she experienced compared to other 4-star hotels.

  • IMG_9016

7.) Large Closet

Unlike other 4 star hotels, this hotel does not provide robes as of this writing.

  • IMG_9009
  • IMG_9010

8.) See-through Shower

     I am still aiming for an 8-pack abs. This could be so sexy with a see-though shower.

  • IMG_9007

9.) With Ref and Microwave

  • IMG_9006

10.) Complementaries

     One of the opportunities we found in this hotel is drinking water. After the two complementary bottled waters, guests can avail additional bottled water for 20php each. That may not be a good impression to both niggard and eco-conscious guests. Every emptied plastic water bottle is a headache for climate change. The hotel could have just used pitcher of water, etc.

  • IMG_9005

11.) Queen Bed and Large Curtain

     Large curtain is necessary if you need to sleep on a day. The building has all-glass windows. Thus, if you open that curtain, it is all sunlight. Maybe good for sunbathers but definitely not for Filipinos.

  • IMG_9002

12.) Orange is the New Green

I still do not get this.

  • IMG_9001

13.) City building view 

     You may request for a room on a higher level. Look, we are room 711 and here is our view.

  • IMG_9000

14.) Do Secret Photo Shoot

  • IMG_9090
  • Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 10.04.07 AM

15.) IG worthy wall 

  • img_8349

16.) Double Check your Belongings Before Checking-out 

  • img_8377


  1. Wow!
    Thank you for sharing, this is really worth to try. I recently did a review of affordable hotels in Cubao area and so far this post that you made about this hotel is really interesting. I like the part that there is a microwave and ref. Perhaps after the lockdown this is something I will try.

      1. Yes but unfortunately we only checked it as it was raining heavily that time 🙁 I cannot even take a photo of it.

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