9 Davao dishes in Cucina, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Philippines

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      Mangaon na ta! Cucina has something in store for you this March! Some of Davao’s well-loved dishes are featured for lunch and dinner, as prepared by their Guest Chef James Tinio from Marco Polo Davao. Book your tables for 14 to 29 March via (+632) 7720 7720 or http://bit.ly/ReserveCucina or restaurant.mnl@marcopolohotels.com.

     Savour some of Davao’s beloved dishes featuring as well specialties of tribes living in Davao such as Tiyula Itum of the Tausug tribe, Yellow Rice of the Kalagan tribe, Piyanggang Manok, Piyaren Udang and more. Buffet lunch- 1450php (if Monday to Friday) and 1500php (if Saturday and Sunday). Buffet Dinner- 1700php daily. Prices are inclusive of VAT 10% service charge and applicable local government taxes.

1.) Sinugbang Itum

     Sinugbang Itum means Grilled Food. You have tuna, longganisa, liver and chicken with burned coconut milk as choices. You may also ask the chef to make it spicy!

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2.) Riyangdang Kambing

This is almost similar to the rendang dish of the Malaysians and Indonesians. In this case, it is a goat with coconut.

3.) Linotlot Nga Manok (Chicken Cooked in Bamboo)

Chicken cooked in bamboo with coconut too!

4.) Tiyula Itum (Tausug Tribe Soup)

The color black is because of the burned coconut milk.

5.) Palapo Udang Pirayem (Prawn in Coconut Milk) 


6.) Piyalam (Pomfret Simmered in Lemon Grass and Holy Basil)


7.) Sinigapuna (Yellow-Rice-Kalagan Tribe) 


8.) Davao Sweets

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Pan Pan Mongo, Palikambing, Dudol, Kitot, Amik (sweet rice noodles), Daral, Pasung, Kurubata and Durian Rice Cake.

9.) Piyanggang Manok


10.) Suha-Bai (Pomelo Punch)

Suha-Bai pays tribute to the Bisaya dialect widely used in Davao. This refreshing drink is a mixture of vodka, Davao pomelo juice extract, passion fruit, grenadine and topped with soda water. Enjoy this drink with the pomelo fruit dipped in sugar salt.



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