7 Favourite Shopping Malls in Divisoria, Manila City, Philippines

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‘Pasok mga suki, presyong dibisoria… sampu sampu bente bente at iba pa!’

      These malls are considered as the bargain haven of end users, retailers, and wholesalers in the Philippines. Although item prices may still be cheaper with illegal sidewalk vendors around Divisoria, you are more secured against pickpockets and thieves if you shop here.

1.) Tutuban Center

  • img_7189

2.) D8 Mall 

  • img_7186

3.) 168 Mall

  • img_7188

4.) 999 Shopping Mall 

  • img_7190

5.) Lucky Chinatown Mall 


6.) Divisoria Mall

7.) 11/88 Mall

Let us know if we missed any Divisoria malls in this list. Let us know what you want to know about these malls. We’ll definitely update this article for more info.


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