Cinco de Siargao

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Guest blogger: Mark Veneracion

      Siargao: the surfing capital of the Philippines. This tear-drop shaped island located in the southern part of the Philippines gained popularity among the local and international tourism scene due to its dumpy shore breaks and catching waves.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best spots in the island.

  1. Del Carmen Mangrove Wharf

        Measuring in at 8,620 hectares, this vast tract of mangrove forest is recognized by the Department of Natural Resources to be the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the Phiippines. Dare not to dangle your feet of the boat; the area is also home to the Saltwater Crocodile (crocodylus porosus), the largest land and river predator in the world. 

Image 21-07-2019 at 5.30 PM (1).jpeg
Del Carmen Mangrove Wharf


  1. Naked Island

     This 200m stretch of pristine white sand is only few minutes away by boat from General Luna. The island offers nothing but nakedness; no trees, no shade. Bring out your sunblock and sunglasses, and prepare to get sun-kissed!

Image 21-07-2019 at 5.30 PM.jpeg


  1. Cloud 9

     It’s the most popular surfing break in the island, and the location of some international surf competitions. Surfing lessons and surf board rentals are all over the place, with hourly to all-day offers. In Cloud 9, anyone can surf! 

Image 21-07-2019 at 5.30 PM (2)


  1. Sohoton Cove – Bucas Grande Islands

     The highlight of this tour is going inside Hagukan Cave, a cave so concealed you have to swim underwater for 8000 8 seconds to enter (boy! that was the longest 8 seconds of my life, I thought I was going to die! Lol). But.It.Was.Worth.It. Pro tip: play with the waters inside the cave and you’ll see the magic everyone is talking about!

Image 21-07-2019 at 5.30 PM (3).jpg
Guess what we’re looking at!


  1. Guyam Island

My favourite. Why? Because of the lady selling this.

Image 21-07-2019 at 5.30 PM (4).jpg
The fun part.


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