12 Impressive Things I Love About Caxton Grill

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       The title should have been 12 Impressive Things WE Love About Caxton Grill  but since my friend snobbed my invite, I am the only one who had enjoyed the luxury of eating in this 5-star restaurant. This is my first time to try a luxurious dining experience in a British set up, so how Caxton Grill provide their service will definitely be memorable.

        They did not disappoint though and I must tell the 12 Impressive Things  I love about this experience. As a disclaimer, some of the things I cited might be too normal for you. BUT– not normal for a newbie like me still trying to be a Londoner!


1.) They have a cloak room

         When their staff saw me carrying many things such as my Barong, I was assisted promptly. She asked if I would want her to put it in their cloak room. That was so kind of her but I got nervous at first. I asked, ‘Do you charge for that?’ Answer is no.

      I know that experience was funny. I should keep in mind that some restaurants in London have cloak rooms and they do not charge anything for it. She just gave me this ticket which I can use for claiming my things later.


If you pry further, you’ll notice the ticket has St. Ermin’s Hotel Label. This restaurant is part of the St. Ermin’s Hotel.


2.) Relaxing ambience


         Although on the table setting, you will see two knives and a fork, relaxed but attentive service is their approach. Lunch, dinner, pre or post-theatre, whatever time of day your visit, Caxton Grill offers us tasty food in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


3.) Sparkling Water 

        I always have the impression that sparkling water is for the rich. It is more expensive than still water.  I love the sparkle. Don’t be alarmed though with the colour of my sparkling water. There is just a candle behind this glass.



4.) Appetizer

        I love the thought that my bread was baked by one of the top chefs here in London. I am also intrigued with the green butter on below picture. I thought it was wasabi. But yes, it is butter.



5.) Their menu

        Sustainability is very important in this restaurant. Most of their ingredients are actually planted and grown on their rooftop garden. Their fresh produce are harvested daily and influenced  their daily menus. I would love to eat my starter dish, main dish, and dessert having this thought in mind.


You will be presented a menu. There are three choices per course.


6.) Starter

Smoked Chicken terrine, sweetcorn mayonnaise and charred baby corn. Tadaa! I love how it was presented. Below is a screen shot from my video. I already finished the smoked chicken when I realised that I haven’t taken any picture yet. That’s how hungry I was.



7.) Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Marlborough

      They partner the starter with an exquisite white wine. Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is sourced from selected vineyards located in the famous Marlborough region which soil is composed of volcanic Greywacke stones and alluvial river silt. It is crisp, refreshing, vibrant, aromatic and energetic with hints of peach, grapefruit, lime, melon and fresh cut grass. Many wine critics consider this as the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc.



8.) Main course 

Rare breed pork chop, crushed potato, pickled onions and summer greens. I love it. It is not only nice in photos but in real life too.



9.) Le Casematte Peloro Terre Siciliane Rosso

           They partner the main course with an exquisite red wine. Le Casematte Peloro Terre Siciliane Rosso 2015 is sourced from Sicilian Vineyards. According to Kerin O’Keefe, a wine enthusiast, ‘It offers ripe red-skinned berry, violet and Mediterranean scrub aromas. The juicy, vibrant palate doles out crushed raspberry, red cherry, almond and citrus zest notes with bright acidity and refined tannins. Enjoy through 2025.’



10.) Dessert

I asked the polite Italian waiter what is his favourite dish among the choices, so I had Chocolate Cremeux, espresso sponge, and vanilla ice cream.



11.) Preserving the Moment!

       I seldom eat in this kind of restaurant so I asked the nice Italian waiter to take a photo of me. Cheese!



12.) Decorations

These porcelain plates with authentic paintings are just so lovely.



      I hope I have inspired you on this experience. How to go Caxton Grill? It is actually just few minutes walk away from the Westminster Abbey. If you are not coming from the Westminster Abbey, just alight at St. James’ Park Station. The restaurant’s address is 2 Caxton Street, Westminster, London SW1H 0QW. Just leave a comment what other restaurants in London you would want me to try!


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