4 Pictures We Had in The London Dungeon Tour, United Kingdom

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      Taking photos inside the London Dungeon Tour is not allowed. It shouldn’t be no fun though. You just have to understand that many flock the London Dungeon Tours because of the mystery and fun behind it. This tour brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides. (Some actors I believe should be on the big screen too in the near future.) It takes you through an immersive journey through London’s darkest past. It is as if you are learning London’s history with so much fun and suspense. You will know about (1) The Tyrant Boat Ride, (2) The City Gates, (3) Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot, (4) The Torture Chamber, (5) The Plague Doctor, (6) The Great Fire of London, (7) Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop, (8) Sweeney Todd, (9) Mitre Square, (10) Whitechapel Labyrinth, (11) Jack The Ripper, (12) The Courtroom, (13) The Newgate Prison, (14) Dead: Drop Ride, and (15) The Tavern. What we paid is very worth it. Discover on below photos how much fun and suspense we had!

1.) Imagine yourself on a coffin

     This is around the lobby entrance of The London Dungeon Tour so you can definitely still take a photo. I should have worn my Barong to match with the coffin. Remember, I am bringing my national costume to the tourist spots I am visiting in United Kingdom. I should have brought my Barong here!



2.) A picture with your Loved-one!

     Although you cannot take photos, There are some areas on the Dungeon tours where they can take creative photos of you. If you like those photos, you can buy those from them. So make sure you have at least extra 30pounds in your pocket apart from the entrance fee. It may also be nice not to go there alone. The tour should be a bonding time with your family too. And yes, it is definitely for adults too (not only for kids!)

       In this tour, I am with my brother who is living in the UK. It is just so nice to relive how we bonded in the past like on below picture!



3.) Dead: Drop Ride Take One

    There is also a ride inside the tour. Many shrieks with this exciting ride! So this is how my brother got scared. See leftmost person.



4.) Dead: Drop Ride Take Two

So my turn. I think I did not shriek. I just prayed. See rightmost person.





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