20 Facts We Love About Thistle Kensington Gardens, London, United Kingdom

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      ‘Welcome to London!’ says the mural of this hotel where I will be spending my night. Why Thistle Kensington Gardens Hotel? I also don’t know. I just love how its name rings a bell. And I thought, thistle is a type of bell.

        If you have known me personally, or read some of my blogs, you’ll know that I am an impulsive buyer. Sometimes, I am not rational on my decisions. Like this hotel that I just recently booked, I really did not do much research about it. I just liked its name or how it sounded- Thistle Kensington Gardens.

        So to be rational, I did my research after booking it. Thistle is actually a flower’s name not a bell. Thistle is a national flower of Scotland. And Kensington Gardens is one of the poshest areas in London. Thistle Kensington Gardens is a  4-star hotel. The price of 299 UK pounds for an Executive Suite is definitely  reasonable.

           Here are the 20 Facts I love about Thistle Kensington Gardens, London, United Kingdom!


1.) Posh Location


      The hotel is situated at 104 Bayswater Road, Kensington Gardens area, London. You will be technically centrally located in London with your stay in this hotel. It is within close proximity with the Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall and the bourgeois neighbourhood.


2.) Comfortable King-size Bed

      I probably snored in this big comfortable bed. I do that when I sleep undisturbed. Who could have not slept well in a King’s bed with white cottony  linens, with your face buried in many puffy cloud-like pillows? My brain is buried within these clouds comfortably dreaming!

           I normally sleep beside my girlfriend when at home. It is rare that I would sleep alone. I don’t know why I don’t feel lonely this time given the fact that I am staying in this lovely hotel alone. Perhaps, you will really need some personal space or meditation sometimes.


3.) Welcome Sweets! 


      There were actually five of this colourful macarons! But the blue one was already on my mouth when I remember, ‘Oops! I am a blogger right? I should take pictures and videos first!’. Anyways, it still looked presentable. Thank you very much Thistle Kensington Gardens! I felt like a VIP.


4.) Complimentary Wireless Internet Access


It was already morning when I video chatted with my girlfriend. I must tell that the complimentary wireless internet access of Thistle Kensington Gardens is very reliable. And to a tourist like me, whose loved ones are 6,666 miles away, a reliable internet connection is a must.

What did I show her on the video? Shhh. A BIG (or maybe just small?) secret if you know what I mean.


5.) Comfortable Working Space


      Being a CEO of a growing advertising company, I should say a nice working space is a must. Good thing it is just near my king-size bed. It has a comfortable posh  chair, a modern lamp, telephone, a mirror! (so I remind myself to always smile not frown on problems!), and a very nice coffee maker.


6.) Complimentary Coffee, Tea and Cookies


       I always wondered how a Nespresso coffee maker operates. This machine is being endorsed by one of my favourite celebrities, Kris Aquino, so the curiosity to try it always pop out of my mind. I had my first encounter of this coffee machine when I was staying in Australia, but I was too busy of other stuffs to try it that time.

      The manual is actually on that black elegant box. It was just pointed to me when the lovely manager of the Thistle Kensington Gardens showed up to assist me on how to make my coffee. You just have to switch the machine ‘on’ by pressing either button. When all buttons are illuminated, machine is ready. Refill the water tank if required. Lift the lever down until it locks into place. Place a cup on the drip tray and press (40ml) or (110ml) button depending on the amount of coffee you would like. I had LIVANTO, a blend of pure Arabicas from South and Central America. Livanto is a well-balanced Espresso characterised by a roasted caramelised note; COSI, pure Arabicas from East Africa, Central America, and South America make this coffee a delicate and balanced blend with cereal and lightly toasted notes enhanced by subtle fruity notes; FORTISSIO LUNGO- as in the age of sailing ships, Indian Malabar Arabica beans are exposed to monsoon winds after harvest to reveal a distinguished aromatic profile, rich with cereal notes. It is blended with Latin American Arabica beans to create a Lungo with a truly intense character; and ARPEGGIO DECAFFEINATO, a dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, Arpeggio Decaffeinato boasts strong character, intense body and cocoa notes.

        When I ran out of those nespresso coffee, I got frustrated to check if there’s more in that cabinet. Good thing I found more complimentary powdered coffee, tea bags, cookies, and milk!


7.) The Window View


        Because of the weather here in London, windows get moist in the morning. It is a lovely experience especially when you look outside of your room’s window. All you’ll see are trees of the nearby parks or the posh neighbourhood of the Kensington Gardens.


8.) The Bar


       The hotel has a bar where you can try all good quality liquors. It would also be a way of socialising and maybe find a rich companion for the night. BUT, since I already have a girlfriend and does not really drink, I just stayed in my room. The bar looks nice though and could tell beautiful secrets.


9.) The Window Curtain


       I think one of the factors why Thistle Kensington Gardens has nice interior designs is because of their window curtains. Though not really rainbow-like, the pastel colours makes me feel that the hotel supports diversity.


10.) The Robe

     They got two robes in the closet and of course, it is a must that I wear one of those. It makes me feel posh and a master of this room. And of course, don’t forget to take selfies!


11.) Buffet Breakfast!

Buffet breakfasts are available daily for a fee. They normally serve classic British and European food with a modern twist. Let me tell you my favourites- scrambled egg, nice bacon meat, and croissant! There are a lot of choices but I guess these three are one of my favourites since childhood.


12.) The Shower 

I love taking a bath. I love getting naked. I love taking a shower in this lovely clean modern bathroom of this 4-star executive suite.


13.) Beauty Products


When I travel, I don’t bring beauty products or some essentials for bathing. I look forward for those products in the hotels I am staying. I love the shampoo and soap of Thistle. I actually brought those at home.


14.) The Chandelier 


       For  the the luxury feel, I always look forward for the hotels’ chandeliers. And as expected, this 4-star hotel has the grand and brilliant chandelier. I love it.


15.) The Fresh Flower


If you know what is this flower, feel free to comment. I admire that they use this kind of fresh flower to decorate their interiors.


16.) The Brasserie


      English is not my native language. I first read this as the Bratisserie. And I thought it fits me for being a brat. Anyways, it is actually, brasserie. You can accept your guests here and be social and be impressive to your friend. Your friend would love to know you are staying at a four-star hotel. At least, still a bit humble than five-star.


17.) Paintings

     I love seeing artworks and I appreciate that Thistle Kensington Gardens is displaying some of the nice artworks I could have seen in a museum. I think most of them are abstracts. My favourite though would be a non-abstract work portraying the bamboos. Bamboos make me feel in an Asian home. Just a trivia: bamboo is a national grass in my country!


18.) The Complimentary Water


      After staying in many nice hotels, it is the first time that I get a sparkling water as a complimentary. I do not know though if this would be a fad in most London hotels. I only stayed in Thistle Kensington Gardens while on my London trip.

        Why am I so happy that I get a complimentary sparkling water? It is a big deal for me because normally, only rich people get served with sparkling water in my country. I hope I did not disappoint you.


19.) Menu


     Instead of going outside Thistle Kensington Gardens, why not enjoy their freshly prepared meals available 24/7. You just have to dial the room service to get it delivered. They take pride in the dishes that they prepare.


20.) Courteous Staffs


       On my check-in, I was assisted by Susmita. Her customer service skills are very crucial on my first impression to this hotel. She is very nice and polite though. She is  from Nepal and had a nice opportunity to work here in Thistle Kensington Gardens. Nepal should be very proud!


        I hope I gave you much info about Thistle Kensington Gardens Hotel just in case you are finding a good accommodation in London or planning to go to London in the near future. I have other nice pictures about this hotel on my instagram (@travellingpeoplesdotcom).


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