6 Things To Do in Magdalena, Laguna, Philippines

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       On our visit to Magdalena, we feel blessed to see a rainbow (refer to feature photo).  So somewhere, over the rainbow,  we suggest you consider the beauty of this peaceful town, Magdalena.

      My mom has been a school principal in the town’s central school for almost 5 years now. And this is the only time that we could check her second home. (Just a trivia: Like my hero mom, one of the famous hero in Magdalena was Emilio Jacinto. Emilio Jacinto led the liberation fight in Maimpis, Magdelana during the Spanish-Filipino war.)

        Here are our 5 Things To Do in Magdalena, Laguna, Philippines!

1.) Simbahan ng Magdalena


       The church dedicated to the heroine of love, St. Mary Magdalene, is made of strong materials and situated on a hill of solid rock. Its construction was initiated under the direction and supervision of Rev. Frs. Fray Maximo Rico, Fray Jose Cuesta, Fray Joaquin de Coria and Francisco de Paula Gonzales, completed and beautifully adorned in 1854 by its zealous priest the Rev. Fr. Fray Jose Urbina de Esparragosa.

       The Church of Magdelana was built for 16 years, 1821-1839 and 1849-1855. The Bell was built in 1851 and the convent was built 1871-1872. All of the gravels and sand were extracted from the nearby river. The first parochial priest was Antonio Moreno who started August 5, 1821.

2.) Marvel heroes statues 

       They have a park for marvel heroes which is just 5 minutes away from the Church.


3.) Trikes for rent

      You can rent a  trike for 20php for an hour and roam around the spacious city hall grounds.


4.) Eat Street Food 

There are a lot of clean street food stalls


5.) Glowing Flowers 

At night, the peaceful town glows with beautiful colourful artificial flowers.


6.) Vonwelt Nature Farm


  1. Wow.. need to visit this place asap. I went to the Philippines last year and travelled to Manila, Cebu and Bantayan Island. Such a great country to travel around!

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