12 Things To Do while on your 17hrs flight from Manila to London

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     I am one of the lucky Cathay Pacific customers who had availed the promo of Cathay Pacific to Europe. For only 52,000 philippine pesos (approximately 1,000 US dollars), I had booked a round trip ticket for Manila- London. It is my first time to travel this long for a total of 17 hours. What can you do for a long trip like that? Here are some of my suggestions! 

1.) Exchange your Philippine Peso to British Pounds in Manila 

     Before you ride the plane, make sure you already exchanged your Philippine pesos (PHP) into British Pounds (GBP) here in Manila. The exchange rate is nicer in Manila. For example, I got my rate at 63.80 PHP for 1 GBP. When I arrived in the UK and looked for  more GBP, the rate was 82PHP for 1GBP in the Heathrow airport, and then 72PHP for 1GBP in currency exchange shops around London.



2.) Pick up a newspaper to read 

      So it will be a long flight. I love reading the news so I grabbed the newspaper offered by the airline. I finished it for an hour..So 16 more hours left on this flight?



3.) Explore HongKong International Airport

     There is an ongoing protest outside the HongKong International Airport. So I just stayed in the airport. Anyways, there are many wonderful shops you can visit!



4.) Take a Shower!

       Remember, the journey will be too long. If you are in economy section, the space is much tighter. The higher probability that your seat mate can smell you. So take a shower in your layover in Hong Kong International Airport. Anyways, the shower is free!



5.) Watch movies 

     There are a lot of selection for movies. And some of those movies are not yet showing in the Philippines. I watched 4 movies in total. So, I only had 8 more hours left to do in the plane.



a.) Isn’t It Romantic

          It is a movie about a chubby girl who hates the structure of Romantic movies. One day, she woke up where all what’s happening to her is like the structure of Romantic movies. Sometimes, we just really have to believe on Romance that there is something good bound to happen to us.


b.) The New King of Comedy

        It is all about Dreamy, an actress who keeps on getting extra roles. She already gave up on her dreams until a famous actor she has helped asked her to give it another try. The movie’s message enlightens my passion to keep on blogging. That somewhere down the road, if I continue blogging, my blogs will be successful someday.


c. Madonna and the Breakfast Club

     This is a documentary of the road to fame of Madonna. Similar to the movie I watched, many people get famous because they do not give up on their dreams on being famous.


d. Who You Think I Am

     It is a movie about a fifty-ish woman named Claire who created a 24-years old persona of Clara through Facebook. It tackles issues of deceit and conventional love.



6.) Eat..Eat.. Eat!

Yeah..yeah.. I paid a lot so I will eat a lot. It is as if I am alarmed and awake when food is being served!

a.) from Manila to a layover in Hongkong- I had scrambled egg and cured turkey wrap, anzac cookie, and bottled water.



b.) From Hongkong to London menu


        c.) Hongkong to London breakfast menu- I had potato quiche, beef sausage, baked beans and creamed spinach



      d.) Hongkong to London lunch menu- I had penne, pine nut, parmesan and spinach tomato concasse



7.) Selfie 

     You seldom get a selfie on a plane. But beware, make sure you have consulted your derma and put on a lot of moisturizers.



8.) Track your progress! 

     So on your seat, there is a monitor where you can watch movies and even a map tracking where the plane is currently located.



9.) Picture the clouds of Russia!

      Yeah yeah. So the route was from Hongkong, northeast China, until we reach Russia. These are the clouds of Russia!



10.) Charge!

There is a usb portal where you can charge your phone!



11.) Sleep! 

They provide pillows and blanket!



12.) Take a picture of The Shard and London from above! 

The pilot showed us the beauty of London!!




  1. I got the 18 answer, just drink the little of bottles os whiskey…… and then pass out near the bathroom until they wake you up telling you that we are near your destination.
    I think that is a Good advice, served me well at one point……………..

    1. Fair enough… I had two people on the back already unaware that they are too loud because of alcohol… probably they became a couple after we landed in London hehe

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