5 Must Knows in Victory Liner First Class Deluxe Experience

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      We would prefer the Partas Luxury Bus Line going back to Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila. BUT, as there is no Partas Luxury Bus Line in Baguio, we decided to just try the Victory Liner First Class Deluxe Bus.

     First impression was not that good. The Baguio terminal is always queuing– long lines. We went here thrice just to double check if there will be any available tickets going back home. Perhaps, they are really in-demand.

     Instead of looking at the ugly, we try to focus more on the beauty that this First Class Deluxe Bus can offer. So, here are our 5 Must Knows!


1.) Bus Stewardess in nice uniform

      If you have been here in the Philippines, they call the bus stewards ‘Konduktor’.  They are normally not in uniform. Civilian clothes are fine. So, a bus stewardess in uniform will really make you feel that you are in a first class deluxe.



2.) free meal

      They have some small items to munch while on this 3 hour bus trip. Normally, a trip to Cubao to Baguio will take up to 5 hours. BUT, because they will traverse special high ways, it is 80% sure that you will be in Cubao in just 3 hours.


3.) Still comparably spacious than regular bus

      There is more leg space, more cushion on your seat, and you can lay the back support up to 45 degrees. And since wifi is slow while on board, you can definitely focus on sleeping.


4.) Comfort Room on board 



5.) Charge your gadgets while on board 



  1. I loved visiting your homeland on many occasions years ago when I was a US Navy sailor. I remember riding the Victory Liner from Olongapo down to Manila. Great memories were made there.

      1. Oh my, as much as i would like to return to the P.I. for a visit, I’m not sure I will ever be able to do so.

        I love Filipino hospitality. The best in the world.

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