4 Things We Did on Our First Date in Baguio City, Philippines

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      This trip was 4 years ago. And this was our first date away from Metro Manila.  It was Liezel’s first trip to Baguio. And somehow, also a first for me as I will be spending my own money. We are reminiscing on what we did thru our iPad pictures. It was a realization that we really looked immature from our poses that time. Anyways, we have our excuses– we are still young.

1.) Of course, visit The Mansion

       I brought her to The Mansion. The place I dream to stay when I become the President of the Philippines and she, my First Lady. What a big dream. And I still dream big today.


2.) 50s Diner 

     This resto was famous at that time. It is not so a fancy restaurant, not 5-star nor 4-star. But during our early 20s, this resto is a bit fit for our hippie culture and money. She likes her chicken with vegetables, I like mine with spaghetti and rice. Too much carbs. But we didn’t mind that time. We were not getting fat. For shakes, I like mangoes she likes strawberries.

3.) White Lady House 

        We visited the famous White Lady House. An old American house which is believed to be haunted by a lady who died for love.

4.) Orchid Garden

As she loves flowers, we visited the Orchid Garden with these Igorot costumes.


          Next week, we will be publishing our new trip to Baguio City. Baguio City has changed. We have some new suggestions to try. Or you can just watch out for our less immature selves.


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