6 Must Knows On Your First Partas Luxury Bus Experience

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      As a treat to my siblings, I am bringing them to the Ilocos region. As I would love to make my family comfortable, we are trying the Partas Luxury Bus which has a direct route to the Ilocos region. Their buses are newer compared to their competitors. Here are the 6 Must Knows just in case you are curious to book for you Partas Luxury Bus Experience!

1.) It is best to book your tickets in advance

    The luxury bus only has morning (8am departure) and evening schedule (5pm departure). Because it is quite in demand, it is better to book your tickets in advance.



2.) Free movies on board 

       I love historical movies so I got hooked up to the Young Victoria movie which is about the youngest queen of England– Queen Victoria. She faced challenges on political machinations inside her own family. I had the perception that being a Queen/ King can be stressful. There would be a bunch of plastics or parasites around you.



3.) Spacious bus

We have enough leg space to comfortably sleep. The air is also fresh. It seems the bus is well maintained. And look at that wooden flooring!



4.) Wifi won’t let you down

There is really a wifi! We had bad experience to other bus companies which is advertising that they have wifi on the bus but you can’t even connect.



5.) Comfort Room on board 

      You can pee anytime you want. And the comfort room is well maintained too. Just  avoid being locked up. During our 8-hour trip, two of the passengers had difficulty getting out. One of those two– my brother Luis.



6.) You can charge anytime 




    1. Yes only 3200 for the 5 of us.. still inexpensive I think..? Come to the Philippines! ❤️

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