13 Things to Do in Villa Escudero, Tiaong Quezon, Philippines

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       Before my busy election campaign month, my girlfriend and I visited Villa Escudero. It has been on our bucket list since we have been together 5 years ago. After almost 4 hours of bus commute from Metro Manila, we definitely longed for a warm and cheerful hospitality.

Here are the 13 things you can do in Villa Escudero.

1.) Enjoy Carabao Cart Rides

      All of the carabaos are women which tells much of girl power. Who run the world? Or the streets of Villa Escudero? Shout for Ligaya, Mahinhin, Maganda, Luningning, Mutya, Sexy, Sandara, and Madonna!

2.) Take IG-worthy photos

Best time I think to roam around and take IG-worthy photos is sunset. The dim-light shade of the sun has good effects to Villa Escudero’s interiors.

3.) Try overnight stay in Banana room

      Some just prefer the tour of Villa Escudero. I truthfully recommend staying overnight. They have cozy ambience like these white bed curtains of their Banana room.

4.) Dive into the pool

        It is summer so diving into the pool won’t give you chills. It is lovely to be young, fresh, and sexy. Too bad my abs were not prepared. No hunky selfie for now.

5.) Dinner Buffet Experience

      We love the romantic candle-light which wards off insects in such rainforest-like setting of Villa Escudero. We also love the serenade of Tagalog songs while eating dinner!

6.) Breakfast Buffet by the Lake

          By morning, you will love to see the Lake and hear the morning alarm clock of the Philippines, Manok! Tik-ti-laok! It is also nice to see Filipino pastries such as pan de sal with sampinit jelly, suman na lihiya, tereret, bibingka, and suman.

7.) Bamboo Rafting

To burn some calories after the heavy meal, why not try bamboo rafting in the lake?

8.) Take a Pic of the Escudero Residences

      The family’s dreams started in this house. The family’s status is very inspiring. I hope I can have my own farm someday. Who doesn’t want one, right?

9.) Visit the Museum

       They have put up a museum which houses some of the souvenirs they’ve got when they travel. There were coins from different countries, preserved love letters of the Great Grand Escuderos and formal dresses donated by previous Presidents.

10.) Go to the Villa’s Church

Yes, the farm has its own church with an in-house priest! And He is one of the charming and bubbly priests I know as of this date.

11.) Be around the Arsenio Escudero Hydro Electric Power plant

It is just so genius that the family produces their own electricity!

12.) Lunch by the Waterfalls

       Which meal we loved the most? Lunch! So cool to have your lunch with this kind of ambience! And again, this is buffet. I guess the unlimited food reflects Filipino hospitality.

13.) Watch Cultural Dance Show

     You can watch Cultural Dance Shows for free during weekends. All of the dancers are employees of Villa Escudero. It is so nice to review Filipino dances especially if you are a Filipino. I should have taken notes of the dances’ names.

So how much would be the rates? The rates may change so I suggest you visit their website here: https://villaescudero.com/accommodation/

How to go there: From DLTB Bus Station in Buendia, Makati, ride a bus (fare will be around 300php or 6US dollars) going to Lucena. Advise the driver that they should drop you off in Villa Escudero. After alighting, get a tricycle which will guide you to Villa Escudero (fare will be around 50php or 1US dollar)

I will definitely come back. Next time, bringing my family to Villa Escudero. Definitely a warm and cheerful hospitality.


      1. Were supposed to go early next year but I don’t know if that can still happen. Fingers crossed 🤞

  1. I always wanted to come here but commuting is hard and grab may be too expensive. But thanks for your direction on how to go there… we might go next time!

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