4 Must-See Monuments in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

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        Where else can you see monuments within less than 500meters distance from each other? Probably in Luneta Park, Manila. How about monuments of people who grew up in the same town? Probably in Europe and Vigan.

         I am amazed that Elpidio Quirino, Padre Burgos, Leona Florentino grew up in the same town and became national heroes of the Philippines. Here are the 4 Must-See Monuments in Vigan!


1.) Elpidio Quirino


Elpidio Quirino faces the Ilocos Sur Capitol. He served as the 6th President of the Philippines from 1948-1953.


2.) Jose Rizal


Jose Rizal, the number 1 national hero, is not from Vigan. BUT  it is worth-noting that out of 118 Rizal monuments scattered all over 7107 Philippine Islands, one is situated in Vigan.


3.) Padre Burgos


      Father Jose Apolonio Burgos y Garcia is one of the three martyr priests guillotined by the Spanish authorities after the mutiny in Cavite in 1871. In 1971, he wrote an open letter entitled ‘To The Spanish People” appealing for reform and self-determination for the Filipinos.


4.) Leona Florentino


       She is considered as the mother of Philippine women’s literature. She is believed to be the first Filipina writer to receive an international recognition after being published in Encyclopedia Internationale des Oeuvres des Femmes in 1889.


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