6 Cultural Discoveries in Australia

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     Apart from the beautiful landmarks and majestic sceneries in Australia such as the Opera House and the Great Ocean Road, it is so intellect-warming to form insights about Australia’s Culture. I know there would be a lot but here are our 6 Cultural Discoveries in Australia!

1.) Construction Sites Open for Public Viewing

        Walking around the streets of Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney, I noticed that constructions sites (although walled) have these transparent glasses so passersby can see the construction works. I think setting up those transparent glasses make the projects’ integrity and genius open for public’s scrutiny.



2.) Stainless loo

      Most of the public restrooms have stainless loos! And why not, the dirts do not stick so much on stainless; It is easy to clean; and stink less. Brilliant.



3.) AI replacing jobs

      There are less staffs in most establishments as they use AI-machines as helpers. In the airport, it is my first time to get my airplane ticket thru  a machine. Is AI replacing some jobs- a boon or a bane?



4.) They Call It The Bubbler

        Since kinder, I call it the water sprinkler. In Melbourne, they call it as the bubbler!



5.) Most have artistic walls

     Around the streets of Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney, I encounter artistic graffiti. Any Australian can get a permit from their government and give life to barren walls!

Hosier Lane


6.) So drunkards can’t climb

Australians have a huge pub culture. Guess what–those metal sheets around those trees prevent drunkards climbing trees on alcohol weekends!



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  1. Oh…I thought the stainless steel sheets on trees were to stop the possums climbing up. I will have to look for the perspex to see inside building sites.

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