4 Highlights in the War Memorial, Canberra, Australia

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      One of the must-see places we visited in Canberra and spent some hours is the War Memorial. I am always interested on history and I would love to hear about the Australian perspectives on Wars. Here are our 4 Highlights in the War Memorial, Canberra, Australia.

1.) Eugene Holzapfel

       We felt privileged to be toured by Eugene Holzapfel, a World War II veteran who is now one of the famous employees in the War Memorial. He does tours inside the museum thrice a day. He is a very good story teller and some even shed tears.



2.) Matron Vivian Bullwinkel

One of the young ladies victimised in the so-called Bangka Island Massacre in Sumatra, Indonesia.


       At a slim figure on below, a machine-gun bullet passed thru this uniform damaging her internal organs.



3.) Medals 

Before, all of the medallions awarded come from the United Kingdom. Finally in 1975, the Order of Australia was created.



4.) Military Machineries 

The museum displays the pride of Australia’s military machineries and some of the seized equipments from their enemies such as the Swastika sign in lower left.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your travels!
    If only there were no wars.. just all people groups living in harmony.. sharing each others strengths and nurturing their weakness..

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