7 Things To Do in Sydney, NSW, Australia

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         From Canberra, I took the 3-hour bus trip to Sydney, where the famous Sydney Opera House can be found. Here are my 7 Things To Do in Sydney!

1.) Explore the Sydney Trains Network 

      All of my transport within Sydney are by train. Good thing my hostel is near Sydney Central Station. From Sydney Central Station, I took the train to Circular Quay Station where the famous Sydney Opera House is located (Day 2). From Sydney Central Station, I took the train to Sydney Airport to fly back home (Day 3).



2.) Sign-up for the Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour (Illi Langi)

        We opted for this walking tour as we will be guided by Aboriginals. We would love to have a different perspective of Australia, starting from the Aboriginals’ discourse and weave it to the modern and built up environment context of Sydney.  You may check out our special blog for this tour in this link.



3.) Sign-up for Poihakena Tour, Stories of Maori in Sydney

        Apart from Maori migrants stories, we visited some of the oldest laneways in Sydney and compared those on old pictures. It seems here that only the dresses of people have changed but not the customs and those laneways. For example, this street is still famous for pubs. Like before, if you want to find a job, just visit the pubs and check if some of your drinking buddies can refer a job for you. You may check out our special blog for this tour in this link.



4.) Photo Op with the Sydney Opera House!

      This has been the icon of Sydney, and perhaps one of the famous landmarks in the world. I purposely didn’t mind being dimmed by shadows. Sometimes you need not to be seen to be part of the bigger picture. But yes, one more check on my bucket list.. I have finally been here!



5.) Cry or Self pity (but only sometimes!)? 

      It was morning, my birthday, and I am very hungry. I roamed around the streets of The Rocks. There are many restaurants but meals are around 10 AUD. 10AUD for a meal is equivalent to a whole day minimum wage for Filipino workers in my country. I tried to walk farther hoping that I can check for a less costly restaurant. Maybe, out of frustration and hunger, tears voluntarily went out. Questions of why I am doing this? I can always afford food in my country.. I always felt rich in my country.. Why? I can’t take it no more. Sydney is expensive. How I wish I am like those rich people spending a lot. (And I know, I will be!)



6.) Eat at Playfair Cafe 

       After seating on a bench, unstoppable shedding of tears for 20 minutes, I smiled, I looked up and walked back. Nothing can stop me. I am from the Philippines and I can buy whatever I want! I saw a restaurant named ‘Playfair Cafe’. Since I know that God is fair although life is not, I ate in Playfair Cafe. I ordered this big burger for 10AUD. I also gave some to that dove you are seeing in this photo. And one more trivia, I found out that Playfair is owned by a Filipino!



7.) Stay at Railway Square YHA

     After the beautiful but tiring and dramatic day, I am still very blessed that I am one of the fortunate few Filipinos who can afford to travel. I ended the day staying up all afternoon in my hostel with this view. I video chat with my mom in this background. Beautiful Sydney…



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  1. It all looks amazing. But I know how disheartening it is when you go somewhere that is sooo much more expensive than you are used to.

    When I went to Iceland as a teen, I really only ate bread for a week…

      1. I’m from Scotland.

        All the Scandinavian and Nordic countries are very expensive for us. Iceland, Greenland, Faroes, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. They are closeby and have, until now, been easily accessible, but the cost of living there puts them beyond reach of most.

  2. You should retitle this as 7 things to do on a budget. I found the Sydney on-off bus great. First, I rode the entire route and then second time around I got off and investigated a number of places. I ate a very reasonably priced lunch at the Sydney Fish market. The ticket is valid for 24 hours so I also used it the following day to go out to Manly and then got the ferry back. However, the best thing to do on a budget is walk! I walked everywhere.

  3. It was so touching to read that you shed tears on your birthday..
    Praise God he lead you to a nice place to enjoy a meal with a dove, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. 🙂

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