4 Things to Expect in The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour (Illi Langi)

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“All Aborigines from Sydney onwards are to be made prisoners of war and if they resist they are to be shot and their bodies hung from trees in the most conspicuous places near where they fall, so as to strike terror into the hearts of surviving natives.”– Governor Lachlan Macquarie (1816)

        We waited at 10am near Cadman’s Cottage in The Rocks to meet Dalara Williams and Jeannie , our guide for this walking tour. We opted for this walking tour as we will be guided by Aboriginals. We would love to have a different perspective of Australia, starting from the Aboriginals’ discourse and weave it to the modern and built up environment context of Sydney.

      Here are the 4 Things to Expect in The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour (Illi Langi) by Dreamtime SouthernX.

1.) Cultural Immersion with the Aboriginals 

          Before the walking tour officially begins, the tour group should accept the custom of OCHRE on hand which signifies that you acknowledge Earth Mother before we talk about her landscape.


           As the tour goes on, you will discover how the Aboriginals have survived the rough terrain of Australia. They will let you try the plants which encouraged survival among the Aboriginals. You will touch the fur of an authentic squirrel and some of their weavings. You will have a background of the shapes that they weave like the turtle on below picture.



2.) Know the Aboriginals’ History


           Dreamtime Origins are introduced– why-how, and the Dreamtime events -sun-moon creation stories. The tour will uncover the authentic history of the Aboriginals heritage within Sydney harbour and their spiritual connection to the adjoining waterways and foreshores. We will also visit an OCHRE site which is believed as old as the Aboriginal stories in Sydney.



3.) Jeannie 


       Do not be mistaken by Jeannie’s looks. One of the tourists once commented that they were disappointed because they were expecting to be toured by an Aboriginal not an Irish woman. Believe it or not, Jeannie is an Aboriginal. Because some of the British fell in love with some Aboriginals hundred years ago, it can be expected that white features will show up to some of the Aboriginals.

4.) One of the Best Views 


       The tour will bring you to a less busy area which will give you a better pictorial  background of the Sydney Opera House. With me is Dalara Williams, an Aboriginal, who is also getting a remarkable name in Australia’s Showbiz industry. She is currently casted in the Black Comedy Series of ABC Channel.

If you are interested to book this tour, please visit this link: http://www.dreamtimesouthernx.com.au




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