My top 18 Picks for my Vikings MOA Buffet Experience

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    They say that when you are in a buffet restaurant, you should try the  expensive food you seldom eat. I also remember my chef friend who advised me that you should rinse your  tongue with water every time you try a different food (so the taste will not mix). Here are my 18 Picks in Vikings MOA Buffet!

 1.) Plain Spaghetti Pasta

2.) All Meat Pizza

3.) Ebi tempura

4.) Assorted- Beef Terrine, Chicken Cashew, Smoked Tuna with Wasabi Cream

5.) Churros con Chocolate Ganache

6.) San Miguel Draft Beer 

7.) Nachos

8.) Miso Soup

9.) Pork and Shrimp Siomai

10.) fish fillet with garlic mayo sauce

11.) Guyabano Juice

12.) French Fries Cheese Flavor

13.) Sushi

14.) Mini Cakes

15.) Buko Pandan

16.) Filipino Pastries

17.) Halo Halo

18.) Avocado Ice Cream

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