5 Must Knows in Tullamarine Airport, VIC, Australia

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      If it is your first time landing in Tullamarine Airport, it is best that you read about this blog. Tullamarine Airport is one of the gateways to Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Here are the 5 Must Knows in Tullamarine Airport!

1.) Make sure to know about their sockets

      I was getting low bat and found out that Australia has a different socket. Unfortunately, I do not have an adapter. I should have included country’s sockets next time on my research.


2.) Very welcoming to CHINA

        Australia is very welcoming to Chinese tourists and investors. Tullamarine Airport even has a program acronymed to China. C for Customer. H for High-Speed. I for information. N for Network. A for Apps. CHINA!


3.) Currency Exchange is much costly 

      Currency Exchange is much costly compared to the Philippines, although it is a good thing that they accept philippine bills for Australian dollar bills (AUD). I got my AUD at a rate of 39.50 philippine pesos to 1 AUD in the Philippines. When I asked the Currency Exchange receptionist, the rate is 39.63 then they will charge you a 12 AUD commission.


4.) Recharge in Hudsons Coffee

I have asked a Chinese-Australian guy in the info desk. He advised me that there is a usb portal charging area in the second floor- Hudsons Coffee!

I just moved this empty cup near me so the waiters would think I am their customer.


5.) Take the SkyBus to Melbourne 

     No direct train yet to Melbourne. Taxi is expensive. You can just take the SkyBus for only 19.50 AUD. The travel time is around 25 minutes to Southern Cross Station where my hostel is located. You can check out this site for further info: https://www.skybus.com.au/melbourne-airport/

Wifi is free. Has voice recorded instructions for Chinese and Spanish Passengers too.



    1. ..really? I thought it was a nice airport.. hehe.. other airports from third world countries could have been worse based on my experience… What happened in Tullamarine..?

      1. It’s the set up I don’t like, especially before check in. Though it’s been a few years since I’ve been at that airport, perhaps it’s changed. And yes, I’ve experienced some shocking airports overseas also. Some are wild aren’t they? LOL

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