5 To Dos on a Berjaya Staycation

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     If you have been following our blogs, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts, you already know that we love staycations- after long days of travels outside the city or out of the country. This time, we tried a three-star Indian-inspired hotel in Makati- the Berjaya Hotel. Many Indians check-in this place and memories of my India travel  just flash back.

Here are the five things we did while on staycation in this hotel.

1.) Eat Indian food 

    Apart from the hotel’s breakfast buffet which has some varieties of Indian food, we also tried the nearby and attention-calling restaurant RICH (Royal Indian Curry House).

Above photo is RICH’s menu. They have tandoori chicken, aloo tick, dal makhni, shahi panner, home made chicken curry, mutton rogan rosh, basmati rice, and assorted naan bread.

2.) Watch your favorite actor

      You will also enjoy the television in your stay. On its hundred TV channels, we chanced to see again our favourite actor Piolo Pascual in the movie ‘Milan’. It is about a man who flew to Milan to search for his missing OFW wife. Later on, he fell in love with another Filipina OFW and found out that his long lost wife already has a new family.

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3.) Watch Ms.Earth pageant online 

     It was also the coronation date of the new Ms. Earth. We decided to stream it online. We are not disappointed on the hotel’s internet speed. My girlfriend wanted to join either Ms. Universe, Ms. World, Ms. International, or Ms.Earth if God could have given her more height. Hopefully, our future dream child who we named ‘Natliz’ would have the guts to be the next Ms. Universe or Ms.World or Ms.International or Ms. Earth.

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4.) Party with Indian friends

    Our stay is also near the Diwali festival date. We are planning to attend this upcoming event as we enjoyed it last year. You may check below video we took last year.

5.) Record your required video application

I also recorded my pending video interview application for a scholarship. They have a couch and right lighting for it. Hopefully, I’ll get accepted.


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