11 Picks in Quán Cơm Phố menu for Summer- Hanoi, Vietnam

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    We first heard about Quán Cơm Phố in Conde Nast traveller and Lonely Planet’s top 100 restaurants in Vietnam. The restaurant is a very good option for travellers who would love to experience authentic homestyle Northern Vietnamese menu which changes every season. The quick service also allows travellers a good option for lunch or dinner, as travellers are always on time constraints due to many places to visit in Hanoi. Travellers will also not have a problem on translators as their menu has English description. 

     Here our 11 picks in Quán Cơm Phố menu for Summer! (Note: We no longer put much description in the pictures as the labels already explain what would you expect. Apart from the fact that their food are really delicious.)

1.) Cooked Pork Slices with Soya Bean Jam 



2.) Deep-fried red snapper 



3.) Cơm Phố Spring Rolls 



4.) Hanoi Spring Rolls



5.) Sauté Water Morning Glory 



6.) Moulting Sea Crab fried with Salt 

All parts are soft and eatable


7.) Deep-fried Shrimp with Salted Duck Egg 



8.) Deep-Fried Shrimp with Salt and Chillies 



9.) Grilled Chicken with Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Rolls 



10.) Deep-fried Soft Crab with Bread Crumb



11.) Grilled Egg Plant 

The toppings changes depending on the season



     We hope we gave you much better options for your upcoming stay in Hanoi. If you visit the restaurant, please express our gratitude to the restaurant owners Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen and to its manager Duc. Thank you Thank you!



Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen


Mr. Nguyen also started a pottery art shop. You can visit this in the restaurant’s second floor while waiting for your food.




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