5 Exciting Things to Expect in Batanes

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Guest blogger: Mark Kenneth Veneracion–

1.) Good Food

     Tasty meals and turmeric rice. Lots of it. Most tour packages are inclusive of free lunch. I was served with traditional Ivatan meals which all came with turmeric rice. I don’t know about the abundance of this crop in the island but they seem to love it so much that they put it in everything: rice, coffee, tea. Name it.

Vunong: traditional Ivatan binalot with turmeric rice, grilled fish, Uvud (their take on meatballs), beef tapa and Luñis which resembles dried pork adobo.


2.) Scenic Views

    You might have seen it on the internet but pictures don’t do it justice. It’s breathfuckingtaking! See some of my shots below.

Tayid Lighthouse
Marlboro Country
Honesty Coffee Shop
House of Dakay- listed as a World Heritage Building by UNESCO. It’s the oldest stonehouse in Batanes.
Savidug Stone Houses
Fundacion Pacita
Vayang Rolling Hills
Basic Lighthouse- we spotted a wedding. According to our local guide, Basco municipality allows free usage of the lighthouse as a wedding reception. Interested parties may sign-up at the capitol.


3.) Crazy Boat Ride 

     Batanes is also known for Faluwa, a traditional boat without any outriggers that is made for strong waves. It is big enough to fit 60 persons, some scooters and a tricycle. Yes, a tricycle! You’ll ride this boat going to Sabtang Island. If you often get seasick like me, bring some Bonamin. It’s gonna be a rough ride!



4.) Digital Detox

    Cellsites in Batanes were damaged when Typhoon Ferdie made a landfall on the island last September 2016. According to the locals, while their network connectivity was weak beforehand, it totally got lost after the typhoon. During my visit last March, I’m only able to browse the internet every 3 AM, with speed that takes about 10 minutes to upload a picture (yes, free FB data feels). But in this world of Fibr and 100 MBPS internet speed, it’s good to have a change of pace, right?

Valugan Boulder Beach


5.) Unexpected Friendships

    Travel agencies will put you in a “join tour” if you are travelling solo or in small groups. Mingle. Make friends. I was lucky enough to meet a group that clicked right from the start, we were already laughing 5 minutes after the van picked us up. Yes, close kami agad.

“The B crew”


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    1. yes… this is somehow called the New Zealand of the Philippines! Thank you, hope to see more of your comments on our other recent blogs.. keep safe 🙂

  1. I would love to visit Korea, I mean, I drive a Kia car and ride a Hyosung motorbike, both Korean, but I wont go anywhere that my dog can’t go. Even my sister in Tasmania won’t allow dogs inside the house, so I won’t go there.
    It looks beautiful, and makes me want to travel even more. Well, maybe one day.

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