6 Must-Sees in Callao Cave, Peñablanca, Cagayan, Philippines

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    Callao Cave was part of our Tuguegarao traventure last June. The Callao Cave in Penablanca is noted for its massive limestone and rock formations. The popular tourist spot also embraces Sierra Cave, Quibal Cave, the Odessa-Tumbali Cave System, Jackpot Cave, Roc and San Carlos Caves and the Pinacanauan River. If you are planning to go to Callao Cave, it would be best to hire a driver and a motorcycle as roads are a bit narrow and bumpy.  Here are the 6 Must-Sees in Callao Cave!

1.) The Rocket of North Korea

     We just laughed out loud with the great imagination of our tour guide. Who would have thought this rock would resemble a rocket? Or perhaps, her imagination is still a little bit tamed. Some would imagine the shape of this rock differently.



2.) Excavation site of the Metatarsal Man

    This is the site where the oldest human fossil in the Asia Pacific region was excavated.



3.) Singapore’s Merlion

     The tour guide said she doesn’t need to go to Singapore everyday to see their Merlion. It is hiding in Callao Cave.



4.) The Callao Altar

      A mass is held here every Saturday. Famous Filipino actors John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo also had their film ‘The Mistress’ shot in this location.



5.) Zen rocks

    Some of the East Asian tourists set up the rocks in the Cave to a zen style. Others consider rock balancing as an art, others as a type of problem solving.



6.) Tour Guide Joy Abrado

    Joy Abrado (nickname ‘Ligaya’) volunteers as one of Callao Cave’s tour guide. She believes that encouraging more tourists to visit the place will promote more jobs in her town. Currently, she is a 3rd year college student in Cagayan State University.





  1. I could quite agree that I had something else in mind when I saw that rock in your first photo. HAHA though I’m pretty sure it was referred to as a “rocket” to discourage any more unnecessary imagination. HAHA great post!

    1. this one is from Cagayan Province from the Northern Philippines which is different from Cagayan de Oro.. What did you do in Cagayan de Oro and Davao?

      1. Administration, Development, and Business training along with University distance learning teaching in the Asia Pacific area. Davao was a stopover to my appointments in Manado Indonesia Klabat University usually. I’ve been retired for many years now.

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