6 Moments in Palaui Island, Sta.Ana, Cagayan, Philippines

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     Thru Cagayan Valley Traventures , the only DOT accredited tour agency in Sta.Ana Island tours, I get to experience the raw beauty of Palaui Island. Palaui Island is the tenth entry in CNN’s World’s 100 Best Beaches. US Reality TV show ‘SURVIVOR’ also had their Season 27 and 28 taped in this location. Here are my 6 moments for a 24-hour stay in Palaui Island .

1. Hiking to Cape Engaño Lighthouse

      Spending 2 hours hiking to Cape Engaño Lighthouse is fulfilling. The Lighthouse is only one of the few remaining Lighthouses built during the Spanish period. The Lighthouse was designed by Engineer Magin Pers Y Pers similar to the design plan of Lighthouses in Cape Bojeador and Faro de Punta Capones. The whole construction was completed in December 31, 1892.

2. Batanes-like scenery


     Apart from the expensive air fare to Batanes Islands (northernmost and smallest province of the Philippines), airlines seldom announce a promo sale to Batanes. Palaui Island tour guide Nonita Abarra showed me one scenery which is almost the same as the scenery in Batanes Islands.

3. Dos Hermanas Islands View 


    “That is the Pacific Ocean and the Dos Hermanas Islands,” guide Nonita Abarra cited. Dos Hermanas (‘Two Sisters’ in English) have never been invaded due to unavailability of docking areas for boats. “You can only climb up to those Islands unless you are a very good hiker and swimmer,” she cited.

4. Rags to Riches Story of Mr. Arnulfo Peralta


    Mr. Arnulfo Peralta  is a native of San Vicente, the baranggay which has jurisdiction in Palaui Island. He was once a poor child wearing tattered shorts and worn out slippers. His success story started when a European couple gave him a tip of 1,000 Euros. He wisely used the money by buying his first boat. Now, he owns almost majority of the motorised boat fleet in Palaui Island.

5. Full Tummy 


    Aling Gloria, my homestay in Palaui Island, cooked me a fried yellow fin and a mother-and-child lobsters. I was actually on a diet but the delicious offer is irresistible. I ate those in few minutes with a plateful of rice.

6. Solo Wanker Kubo Experience 


    I spent the night alone relaxingly staring at the Kubo ceiling while hearing the Tuko sound. It was an experience asking myself of philosophical questions such as why do I exist, etcetera. Sometimes, it is also good to be alone. I tried it 6 months ago on a tent in Kalanggaman Island.

     Tomorrow, Cagayan Valley Traventure will pick me up for Anguib Beach, the so-called Boracay of the North. I am so excited. If you want to know Cagayan Valley Traventure’s offers and its prices, you may contact them on their Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/CagayanValleyTraventures/?ref=br_rs or mobile numbers +639279252588, +639473494577, +639162776600, or +639202817878

How to go to Palaui Island: From Tuguegarao City, there is a van going to Sta. Ana. Ask the van driver to drop you off in Sta. Ana Public Market. After that, you may call or text Cagayan Valley Traventure to pick you up.

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