8 Must-Knows when going to Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte, Philippines

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It was a butt-hurting but fulfilling experience as there are no direct flights yet to the sunny town of Palompon. After your flight from Manila to Daniel Z. Romualdez airport, you have to  take a van trip for 3 hours from Tacloban City’s bus terminal and take a boat trip for an hour to Kalanggaman Island. In the midst of long hour hauls and butt pains, you will ask ‘why are you doing this?’—- you will realise that you have already travelled far and there is no point of turning back. When you reach the Island, you will understand– there are many things in life that are best appreciated when you suffer— like this butt-hurting and fulfilling journey.

Here are the 8 items that you should know when going to Kalanggaman Island:

1.) All How-Tos can be coordinated with Palompon Tourism Municipal Office 

After alighting from Palompon Bus Terminal, you can walk (around 5minutes) to their  Municipal Tourism Office. They will advise you on the entrance fee, boat transportation schedules, and other available accommodations.


2.) It won’t cost you more than 1 Thousand Philippine Pesos or 200 US dollars 

The boat fare will depend on the number of people in the boat. You can go VIP by paying the whole round trip fare for 3500 philippine pesos. Or, wait for other tourists and share the costs.

I only paid 428 pesos for the round trip fare, 200 pesos for the tent, and 200 pesos for the island’s entrance fee. Total of 828 pesos only. (Just consider inflation if you will do it by next time)


3. ) Your loved-ones must be informed before you depart for Kalanggaman

There is no signal in the Island. Give a quick text to your girlfriend. You may not know if the captain will keep his promise on fetching you the next day.


4.) Prepare your power banks

There is no electricity. The island has its solar panels reserved for light posts at night. You can’t charge your phone and you would need more batteries to take beautiful photos as much as the number of fine sands in the island..



5.) Prepare for your beach body prior your trip 

The Island is so beautiful it would need a beautiful person for a selfie match. My mistake! I never prepared my body so… no abs for now. I actually looked like an elf or maybe a cave man or hopefully not  worst than the most creative  you could think of. Find me on below video.


6.) Not much Tourists yet on the Island

We were only around 10 people when we stayed overnight in Kalanggaman. You can either talk to them or talk to the sand.


We were only around 10 people when we stayed overnight in Kalanggaman. You can either talk to them or talk to the sand.

7.) Go camping! 

No hotels in this small but beautiful island. Go camping! In my case, I camped alone- reflected on my life and attitude towards people. I also slept with sun-dried sea-salted skin as there were no fresh water showers available.


Make sure you do not camp too near the sea. You are not sure if high tide will drown you while sleeping. (Above is my rented tent)

8.) Local caretakers of the Island can direct you to the best sunrise and/or sunset

I woke up around 5:30am Manila time to wait for the sunrise


  1. Beautiful pictures and videos… love them… I wish, we could go there too… I like the „butt pains … „ I had the same thoughts going to Mananap Falls… it was breathtaking though…


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