3 Good-to-Knows before Visiting The Sandbar in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

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‘I want to live in a Nipa in the middle of the Ocean!’

The Sandbar in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental is now famous among Filipino tourists who want to get a feel of Maldives without technically travelling for 3386 miles. Surely, this ambience — three Nipa houses proudly standing in a 2.32 square miles of white sands (sometimes dry,sometimes wet) in the midst of the blue and green seas; and torn among these mighty sun, moody clouds, and rolling power of the tides —is majestic. 

Before visiting this place, here are the Three Good-to-Know

1.) Book a boat in advance

thumb_IMG_8446_1024.jpgThe Sandbar got instant fame due to a romantic film shot in this area. After that, the  arrival of tourists were unexpected. It would be best if you book a boat in advance. You can coordinate to the municipality of Manjuyod, local friends you know, or to this local fisherman I know- Ariel with only phone contact (+63) 9367416721


2.) Check high-tide and low-tide time


If it is already high-tide, you can no longer see the white sands as these are already submerged in water. Growing up from the city afar from the seas, I already forgot about the high tide/low tide concept taught in elementary. I did not realise that I could have used it in my itinerary planning. We went there around 8:30am when the sun is high and unfortunately..the sea is high.

When visiting The Sandbar, please get updated on high tide and low tide forecast for the place. You may check with google, the municipality, or the fisherman.

3.) Only Invite Positive Friends

It is better to enjoy the place with positive friends. You can take selfies, do jump shots, take pictures of each other, and compliment each other. With negative friends, all you may hear are complains. In what happened to us, failing to meet the low tide could be a big deal to negative people. Good thing was– all of my friends are positive people. We still enjoyed the place. And we will just come back.



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    1. I know you can be here in the near future. When you visit Southeast Asia, spend at least 30days in the Philippines. And at least visit 5 among our 7107islands. Let me know if you’ll be here, we may see each other and tour you around 🙂

  1. I am so putting this on my bucket list! And tide or no tide, I’d only want positive people around me in this kind of place, because it’s so magical. Btw, I seem to alternate between living in landlocked cities and those by the sea. But when I do move back to the sea, I always forget about the tides, too, until someone mentions them, then I’m all fascinated all over again (I read way too many fairy tales and stories when I was a kid about tides. The stories have long since been forgotten. The fascination stayed).

  2. The Sandbar looks like the place to be! The crystalline light blue waters are absolutely stunning. I’m glad that your overall experience was good. Thank you for mentioning the high versus low tide issue. The other day, i visited Laguna Beach in California late in the afternoon. The tide was so high that there was barely any sand space to put down my towel and belongings. It is so important to check on tide forecasts to ensure the best possible trip. Also, the neon green swimsuit your friend is wearing is awesome! 😇💚😻

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