4 Itineraries in an unexpected visit to Taipei for 12 hours

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I was supposed to have a direct flight to Kaohsiung (southern tip of Taiwan). I never had plans of visiting Taipei (northern tip of Taiwan). I already booked my ticket 3 months in advance, making it a bit cheaper. The problem is— I was 12 hours late on the exact date.

What happened? It all rooted to my innocence of not carefully checking the flight details. I arrived to the airport 5:30 pm very confident that I was not late. I had my luggage on me. Ate in a fast food restaurant inside the airport. After that, seated on one of the empty benches near the big flight information screen, waiting for my flight to appear.

In few hours, I became impatient and approached the information desk. I gave my ticket. They scrutinized it for few minutes. And felt sorry for me.


China Airlines only have once a week flight to Taiwan. And their office is already closed after 5pm. What can I do? This is the first time I am attending an international conference.

The Unexpected Visit

I still booked my ticket to Cebu Pacific Airlines (One way Manila-Taipei) shelling out extra 400 US dollars. I seated in the plane aisle while other passengers seated beside the window and only paid 40 US dollars. This will definitely be a lesson for me!



4 Itineraries in Taipei

Taiwan is part of the first-world cities. It impressed me upon landing in their modern airport.  Taipan’s are also polite and helpful. They advised me where to go, how to go and discover Taipei’s heritage in 12 hours. Here are the four itineraries

1.) Random Hotel 

I walked through the main streets and browsed signages for hotels. I have checked 3 nearby hotels and decided to spend the night in the ‘Royal Hotel’. For some reasons, I would love to be treated as a royalty after the fiasco I had. I will sleep for 4 hours, take a breakfast, and start my tour.

photo 1.JPG


photo 2.JPG


2.) Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The tourist spots of Taipei are all connected through public transport. You could just alight and walk a bit to your desired destination. My first for the morning was this national monument erected in memory of Mr.Chiang Kai-Shek, former president of the Republic of China.



3.) Taipei 101

This building was once entitled as the tallest building of the world from 2004 until 2009. The tower has served as an icon of Modern Taiwan since its opening.



4.) Taipei Main Station

This modern station is my last itinerary in Taipei. The station has bullet trains going to the provinces of Taiwan. I will certainly go back to Taipei and visit other sites such as the Panda zoo. For now, I have to go straight to Kaohsiung to attend the Sizihwan International Conference.



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      1. pretty & interesting photos & posts! I love to travel, as well as to learn about new places 🙂

  1. Sorry to hear you had such a challenge with your flight at the beginning, but you turned it all around for the good after all. Great Adventure! 😋 A HEART full of Love to you and the Sweetest of Blessings, Betty.

  2. Oh no, you missed your flight – but got some sightseeing in. Bet you won’t make the same mistake again though! Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

  3. Hi,
    I know GP Cox and da-Al. You liked a comment I made on Storyteller’s blog. I came to thank you and introduce myself.
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  4. Oh, the stories of airplane travel. A missed flight is awful, and the extra money you had to pay…..that could have ended your trip right there. A lesson learned, an excellent adventure, and I appreciate your photos and commentary of a part of the world I am unfamiliar with. Thank you.

  5. Ahh i am going there in dec, great post, that helped in a way to organize things, thanks mate, nice knowing you, cheers! Lan, curiostraveller.com

  6. What a beautiful destination. I’ve heard of Taipei but haven’t known someone who has visited or has family there. The pictures you posted are awesome. The Panda zoo is definitely a location i’d love to visit. Chian Kai Sheck’s Memorial Hall is quite nice. Is the weather typically cloudy/foggy? I hope your conference ended up going well despite all of the hang ups. Thanks for sharing your post with everyone! 🐼😇

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