Top 15 Things We Enjoyed in Discovery Shores Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

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Discovery Shores Boracay is my first luxury hotel to experience in Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. I am very grateful to my rich aunt for letting me experience this wonderful hotel. If you are interested in booking Discovery Shores or just dreaming about the experience, here are the top 15 things we enjoyed in this hotel.

1.) Chillin in the pool area

It is a perfect hang out area among family members. There is a kiddie level area, jacuzzi, and poolside bar. I feel that the water is also temperature-controlled. When I swam last night, I’m clueless why the water was still warm. (Swipe left for more pictures)

2.) The Gong of Good Vibes

Fun Fact: A gong is normally used to send a signal or warning. But in Discovery Shores Boracay, it is used to attract positive energy, good health and tranquility. Go ahead and hit the gong to attract good vibes!

3.) Food in Indigo and Sands Restaurant

Both restaurants offer spectacular views of the beach. Their menu are quite good. Their staffs are very accommodating. (Swipe left for more pictures)

4.) Jacuzzi in 360 Roof Lounge

It was my first time to chill in a jacuzzi situated on a roof top with a nice 360 view of Boracay Island. (Swipe left for more pictures)

5.) Two Bedroom Suite Premier

We stayed in this spacious suite for almost 5 days. (Swipe left for more pictures)

6.) The Grand Signature Suite

This suite is fit for VIPs like you. You just have to pay 75640 per night. We’re very grateful to Mr. Mark Erik Lim and @theprincenaj for letting us tour their best selling property.

7.) Best Beachside View

I would say Discovery Shores has the best beachside view! (Swipe left for more pictures)

8.) Strong and Fast Wifi

Internet in Discovery Shores Boracay is very reliable. I was not escalated at work while on a ‘Work-from-Paradise’ mode. (Swipe left for more pictures)

9.) Happy Hour Drinks

10.) Activity for Kids

11.) Hotel’s Water Sports Gears

You can borrow for example this kayak equipment if you are one of the hotel’s guests.

12.) Nice Staffs

13.) Mist Time

14.) Attending Special Events

15.) Massage

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