Top 11 Things To Do in White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

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White Beach is one of the 32 beaches in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. In this stretch of the island where you can walk from point to point in approximately 10 to 15minutes, we creatively come up to a list of things that you can do in this tropical paradise.

Here are our Top 11 Things That You Can Do While in White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines!

1.) Engage with the Locals

Most of the locals’ ethnic roots came from the eight indigenous peoples of Mindoro-  the Iraya, Alangan, Tadyawan, Tawbuid, Buhid, Hanunuo, Ratagnon and Bangon — who had already been thriving in Mindoro island for centuries when the Spanish colonizers arrived in the Philippines in 1521. Generally, they are called as the Mangyans. It is nice to have a chat with them, gain their local perspectives about their island, know their personal human experiences, and see their smiles amidst the difficulties of life. On an inspiring note, most of them are still wearing masks against COVID.

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2.) Try Different Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

With the flock of diverse tourists wanting colorful flavors on their vacation, White Beach has a lot of interesting cafes, bars and restaurants. To mention some of our favorites, we have Poco Loco Danceteria, Cafe Marco, C.M. Spices Resto Cafe, Jam House Resto Bar, Hiyas, Resto Veranda, Seaside Grill Resto Bar, The Beach Frog, Terminal, and Casa Mia Ristorante. Read our separate blog here.

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3.) Picture with Puerto Galera Castle

This is one of the trending things that you must do. Have a picture with Puerto Galera Castle. Take in mind though that you have to give a monetary tip to the creator of the castle.

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4.) Buy Souvenirs

They have sweet delicacies made from coconut, milk and honey wrapped in banana leaf; then ref magnets, t-shirts, and purses with Puerto Galera prints.

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5.) Enjoy the Night Life

This strip of the island gets busy at night with drinkers, party-goers, chillers, and first-timers. Every bar would woo certain age brackets depending on the live bands and the music they play.

6.) Bonding with Friends

In this trip, I have bonded with my officemates. I can now consider them as friends too.

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7.) Sunset Watching

After a lot of activities in White Beach, do not miss to see the sun set. When staring from the shore, the sun sets on the western part of the horizon.

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8.) Water Activities

You can try jet ski, parasailing, kayak, banana boat ride and any other water activities that you may think of.

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9.) Selfie with Spiderman

Spiderman has been an honorary resident in White Beach. The person behind the costume is a Puerto Galeran local who has been wearing the Spiderman costume almost every night to attract tourists in one of the bars in White Beach.

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10.) Hotel Staycations

As some of the hotels are still not yet open when we stayed in White Beach, here are the Top 4 Interesting Hotels currently open for business. Looking forward to increase this list soon. Read our blog here.

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11.) Get a bird’s eye view of White Beach from Playa Blanca Beach Resort

Although I did not stay in Playa Blanca Beach Resort, I was thankful to the staffs who guided me to their roof deck which offers an overlooking view of the White Beach in Puerto Galera.

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