5 Highlights of our Sa Pa Hike in Vietnam

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     Through Lily’s Travel Agency, we had a sleeper bus to Sapa, famous for its hundreds of ethnic minorities which is truly a memorable learning experience. We are also awed for the vast green tea and marijuana plantations (note: for the marijuana plant, they do not smoke it but just use it as a fabric).

         Here are our 5 Highlights of our Sa Pa Hike in Vietnam!

1.) MamaMu

         She has been our guide for our three days hike in Vietnam. She taught us how to make the indigo dye; she lent me their Black Hmong costume, and taught everything that we should know to survive in the mountains. She knows a lot (although she cannot read nor write)


2.) MamaSu

         She has been following us on our hike, trying to sell her products. I admire this woman because she could have been a great artist with all those designs she has weaved. I am very remorseful that I tried to ask for very much lower price to have this green bag.


3.) Morning

I woke up in our dorm seeing this wonderful view!


4.) Arashiyama-like bamboo grove in the mountains 

That’s me wearing the Black Hmong costume, blending with this Arashiyama-like bamboo grove here in the Sa Pa mountains!


5.) International Friends

We have been so close that this girl pictured my big butt in this hike!



    1. yes very tiring though especially if it is very hot.. I think this will be the last time I will hike during Vietnam’s summer which temperature ranges from 30-36 celsius..
      Which country have you done hiking..?

    1. Yes, very majestic morning view… What place can you recommend with beautiful morning view too? We would love to visit

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