3 Days and 2 Nights in Sa Pa, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

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   Sa Pa, the marvellous mountainous area in Northwest Vietnam, home of several ethnic minority groups, is getting more and more popular. Lily’s Travel Agency, one of the best tour operators in Vietnam, can offer you an awesome and memorable journey to Sa Pa. Here is our 3 Days and 2 Nights experience to share with you!

Day 1

     After hotel pick-ups from our hanoi hostels and snores on a comfortable sleeper bus, we finally arrived to Sa Pa town around 5AM. We were served breakfast around 6AM, and started our trek to the mountains around 8AM. Our group is composed of Mexican, Chilean, American, Singaporean, and German tourists and a Black Hmong tour guide named MamaMu. We trekked for almost 6 hours and found some interesting sites such as marijuana plantation, green tea plantation, heaven’s gate, ethnic tribes, and indigo-dye making facilities. We trekked for almost 6 hours until we reach our homestay for the first night.

Night 1

        Our homestay for the night was with Mao’s house which is in the middle of Sa Pa’s mountains. Her house was built to comfortably accommodate a larger group of tourists like us. We had a sumptuous dinner (which I failed to take a picture because everyone was hungry after the trek). We also enjoyed happy hours with the whole group with games and “happy water” (a local wine which the local guides call as such).

Day 2

    The next morning, we were amazed by the nice morning view from our homestay. We were also happy that we are now trekking for lesser hours until we reach our next homestay for the night. We found a lot of marvellous rice terraces and met new groups of ethnic people such as the Red Zao and the Tay.

Night 2


    Around 8pm, we had a very authentic and sumptuous Vietnamese dinner while practicing our French with our homestay’s host.  Unlike the first home stay which doesn’t have a stable internet connection (because it is in the middle of the mountains), our second homestay already has strong internet which is very vital for our picture and video uploads. It makes us a bit sad though because that means we are going back to the city, and start our office work again. No internet connection for the past few days made us bonded as friends and forget about the stress from the city.

Day 3

     We were fetched by a car back to Sa Pa town. While waiting for our sleeper bus, we met this young girl carrying her brother on her back. Perhaps, more tourists visiting Sa Pa will give better opportunities to this young girl.

Inclusions in Sa Pa tours by Lily’s Travel Agency:  sleeper bus, english speaking guide, all meals during the tour, water and local wine in the homestay.

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  1. Although I spent only two days in Vietnam, I immediately fell in love with it. Hoping to get to stay longer the next time I get there. πŸ™‚ And Sa Pa will be on my priority list.

    1. Thank you so much.. Hope to see you comments soon on our other recent posts.. keep safe!

  2. Wow my bucket list destination in VN! What month was this? What was the temp? And how was the toilet and bath in your homestay?

    1. HI Aj, it was July..very hot.. I suggest you visit during their spring or winter season.. the toilet is clean!! Book through Lily’s Travel Agency! πŸ™‚

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