Top 21 Milktea Shops in Sta.Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

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Milktea houses have been sprouting in Sta.Cruz, Laguna. I wonder if there is already MabuTea, PaganTea, MakaTea, PuriTea, KuliTea houses. Anyways, to help you decide where to meet your friends, here are my top milk tea houses.

1.) AnneTea

Our most favorite is Annetea. Apart from their best selling milk teas, they are also now offering delicious rice meals, burgers and pastas. Their instagrammable place is a plus too! I hope we get to see more branches of Annetea when we travel to other locations. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

2.) Cake Maeker’s Lounge

Cake Maeker was established in 2015 by Ms. Sarrah as her passion project. Check out their newly opened shop at Unit 3, 1161 L. Taleon St., Santa Cruz, Laguna. You may also DM them on Facebook and Instagram, or email (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

3.) Kurimi Cafe

4.) Tema Cafe

5.) Oppa Bobba

6.) Elizitea

7.) Tuitee

8.) Infinitea Sta.Cruz

9.) Gotcha Milk Tea

10.) Bedi Beans Milk Tea

11.) Nham Cha- A Thai Milk Tea

12.) Drip Tea

13.) Micro Tea

14.) Kaidore

15.) King & Queen Tea

16.) Fiordelatte

17.) Serendipity

18.) I Love Milktea

19.) Shakefrost

20.) Jeremiah Tea

21.) Chapioca Milktea Shop


    1. Hi Louidlyn, yes. Foodpanda app is available. Or you can message business establishments through their Facebook page.

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