9 Things To Do in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

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1.) Visit the Sta.Cruz Plaza for the Tunnel of Lights and its Iconic Statues

There have been many tunnel of lights tourist attractions in various cities such as London, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Manila. Well, our small town, Santa Cruz, has its own beautiful version too of the Tunnel of Lights!

One of the statues we took interest was Agueda Kahabagan. She was the only female general in the Philippine Armed Forces that time during the Philippine-American war. She was born in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines.

2.) Try Different Creative Restos

There are many budding interesting restos here in Sta.Cruz, Laguna. Please check out this separate article we did about Sta.Cruz restos:

3.) Visit Historic Churches

Every baranggay has its own chapel. The most historic though would be the 17th century Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church and the 19th century Cathedral of our Lady of Maulawin.

4.) Shop

Sta.Cruz is one of the few towns in Laguna Province which has an airconditioned mall. We do not only have one but three major malls: Sunstar, MetroCentral and UniSun. Do not expect though that these would be similar to grander malls in Metro Manila.

5.) Take a Glimpse of the Iconic Casa Valenzuela

This is the most-maintained remaining colonial mansion in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. It overlooks the Sta.Cruz River and the Sta.Cruz Municipal Town Hall. It is owned by one of the wealthiest clans in the town. Currently, the proprietors are living in the United States. The use of Philippine elements (e.g. coconut and carabao sculptures embroidered in the mansion’s facade) instead of European-inspired elements is interesting.

6.) Buy Kesong Puti

Kesong Puti is one of Sta. Cruz’ treasured products. We even have the so-called Kesong Puti Festival to celebrate it. We will be updating this blog to insert a picture of Kesong Puti.

7.) Try Different Milk Tea Houses

The young population of Sta. Cruz loves milk tea! With all that said, we now have over 30 milk tea houses in our small town. Please check out this separate article we did about Sta.Cruz Milk Tea Houses:

8.) Hire a professional dress designer

9.) Watch Sunrise/ Sunset by the Santa Cruz Bridge

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