Top 9 Things To Do in Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines

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Ever since I was kid, we have been visiting Tagaytay. Indeed, it is a touristy place for a lot of Filipinos. Perhaps the proximity of Tagaytay to our province, made me never take a lot of photos of the sites that we have visited. Even the view from Tagaytay City of the smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano, I do not have any pictures or proofs that I have been there! Moving forward, I will grab the opportunity of taking photos of what Tagaytay City has to offer. For now, here are the 3 Things To Do that we have a picture.

1.) Taal Lake Sight Seeing

In Taal Lake, there is Taal Volcano which is dubbed as the smallest active volcano in the World.

2.) Food Trip

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3.) Skyranch

4.) Shop in some of its malls

5.) Visit Zoori

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6.) Staycations

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7.) Ride Bukyo

8.) Tagaytay City Public Market

9.) Spa Day

Other Pics:

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